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  1. I cant see you have provided the proof of purchase of the whmcs cpanel module, as explained in the thread.
  2. PM me, and to be sure you have purchased the module from whmcs, provide the source code of function cpanel_req(), and I will provide you with the patch.
  3. There is a patch now. The change password function did not work with whmcs. It has been fixed. PM me for the patch. Note that you need to have purchased the unencrypted version of the cpanel module by WHMCS to get the patch from me.
  4. So you suggest not to upgrade whm/cpanel beyond v72?
  5. I've got several requests for the patch. PM me, and to be sure you have purchased the module from whmcs, provide the source code of function cpanel_req(), and I will provide you with the patch.
  6. I went through the code during the weekend and it turned out to be rather trivial to fix this. If you have purchased the module from whmcs I can provide you with our patch.
  7. MG, you have always been my first contact for our development, but you quoted 30-40 hours for this job which is no way close to what is needed.
  8. We are using whmcs 5.x and the native cpanel module has ceased to work with whm v74. We have purchased the module from whmcs and hence have the source code. whm now requires json and the cpanel module use xml. We need the cpanel module to be re-written to work with whm v.74. We need a coder to do this work.
  9. We migrated from awbs to whmcs some years ago, it was a time consuming and costly process. Took us 6 months to migrate. We wrote our scripts ourselves, did not use anything from whmcs. Our strategy was to use the WHMCS API as much as possible to do the migration, http://docs.whmcs.com/API. Fetch data from awbs db and feed it to the api to create customers, services etc. Most was possible to do through the API, some needed coding directly to the db, but not much. Some we created manually, the products for example. I believe using the whmcs API is the most robust way to do it.
  10. ikasp

    Addon for reselling VPS, Dedicated

    dediserve have an excellent whmcs module for their resellers.
  11. ikasp

    VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    Yes correct, regarding WHMC it not more difficult than that. The accountant however will have to do some extra work, but that is something else.
  12. Thanks for this nice addon. Very much appreciated that you do not encode it.
  13. ikasp

    cron jobs and danish characters

    Yes we have, it is so shitty and disappointing. According to WHMCS the issue occured with 5.3.3 and it was corrected in 5.3.4/5. However, if you upgraded full to 5.3.3 and incremental to 5.3.5 the error remains. WHMCS has no automatic solution to correct this.Every email template has to be edited manually and updated with the correct 8bit characters. The only shortcut avail is to cut and paste the db values as html to the email tpl editor since the html in the db is corrects. It is a time consuming task,but it has to be done, and meanwhile you look as a fool in front of your csutomers sending them unreadable mails. So far, since a year, we have had not one troublefree upgrade of whmcs.
  14. ikasp

    cron jobs and danish characters

    If you are referring to emails sent out, yes we have had this issue.

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