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Found 8 results

  1. So far, there have been no standard rate VAT changes in 2019, so the values from the EU VAT Rates 2018 page still apply - i'll update this page if there are any VAT changes this year. EU VAT Rates 2018 EU VAT Rates 2017 EU VAT Rates 2016 One potential change that may be of interest to UK users is, should there be a "no-deal" Brexit, then there will no longer be a UK-based HMRC portal to submit EU VAT returns. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-for-businesses-if-theres-no-brexit-deal/vat-for-businesses-if-theres-no-brexit-deal
  2. I've just noticed there are two VAT boxes in the client area (see image) I did have the EU VAT module installed, but after removing, they are both still showing. The client involved is marked as tax exempt. If I try to update any of the details on the my details page an error message is displayed: The following errors occurred: VAT is required VAT is required Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Hi, i have seen a problem with VAT calculation in whmcs 7.4.1 version. As reported in image below, VATon 22% for this invoice need to be 3.54€ and not 3.53€ as reported becasue 16.07 x 22% = 3,5354 so ~ 3.54€ is correct as previous whmcs version. This kind of problem wasn't with last whmcs version 7.2.x . Is it a bug? How is possible to solve it? Thank you. Regards
  4. Dear all, I am facing two problems at the moment and it would be great if someone could help me with it. 1. Remove decimals from VAT values When we add a tax rate, it automatically shows 2 decimals such as 5.00% Is there an easy way to remove the decimals and only show 5%? 2. Display a different title when VAT is enabled or disabled We need to display TAX INVOICE in the invoice title when VAT is enabled for a specific user. When VAT doesn't apply, it can simply display Invoice as it is now. I got the following code from support but there is a variable missing and I hope someone can help me to complete it: {if !$taxname} <h3>{$pagetitle}</h3> {else} <h3>Tax Invoice</h3> {/if} Thank you all in advance.
  5. aegisdesign

    VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    I'm wondering how WHMCS or anyone else is dealing with the changes in intra-EU sales coming in to force in January 2015? The change is that instead of charging VAT at the rate of the seller's country, it's at the buyer's country. There is no threshold so if a UK company selling hosting to someone in the EU is not VAT registered they will have to charge VAT to other EU states, account for it and submit accounts to every country in the EU they make a sale into. Or, in the UK at least you have to register for VAT, sign up with MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) and submit EU VAT returns to MOSS and they sort out paying each country. You can read a very good summary about it from a UK perspective at http://rachelandrew.co.uk/archives/2014/11/25/how-small-companies-and-freelancers-can-deal-with-the-vatmoss-eu-vat-changes/ Presumably this requires quite a change in WHMCS in how VAT rates are applied at checkout, how sales tax reports are generated and in retaining data on the purchaser for the 10 years mandated by the change in law. And yes, before someone says it, it's utterly ridiculous for small businesses and freelancers.
  6. VAT Update is a free WHMCS addon module that helps changing the VAT tax rules for the new 2015 EU VAT legislation VAT tax Data is obtained online from VIES so that it is always up to date The module will change the Tax Rates in the WHMCS tax configuration for you. It is possible to review these rules in the standard WHMCS Tax Rules page As well, VATUpdate gives the option to update prices of client's products so that the VAT difference is assumed as a cost/benefit to the company and the client keeps paying the same amount each month. This is specially handy in the case of subscriptions where having the client changing the paypal subscription may not be worth or more difficult than assuming the price differences
  7. The Admin summary displays income including of VAT charged, which has to be refunded anyway. Is there a way to display more accurate and useful ex-VAT numbers?
  8. Hi, This applies to WHMCS 5.2.14. When changing Country/State from the dropdown on the order form, the cart summary does not update automatically to show the VAT/tax. If the user selects a country affected by a tax rule, I expect that the cart summary should automatically reflect the VAT added. Instead it is just added on the payment page, creating a bad user experience and confuses clients. I have submitted a feature request: https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/ajax-cart-template-cart-summary-does-not-reflect-vat-when-changing-country-state-from-dropdown If you agree with me, please cast your vote above.

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