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  1. Was using 6.x upgraded to 7.4.2 and notice when entering payments it was taking 20secs for each one. Disabled Email confirmation and its now very quick. Changed to PHP Mail () and thats quick. Change back to SMTP and its 20sec again. How do I fix that?!
  2. Someone showed how to get V6 intelligent search to work in v7 without having to hit Enter while typing. Can someone help me with that? My employees are having a hard time searching for accounts when that does work in v7 like it did back in 6
  3. Affiliates have to request a pay out. I want it to be an automatic towards their monthly bill
  4. Looking for something similar to promotion code that when a customer refers a friend we would like to give them $5 a month for 12 months, but i need to be able to stack them. If they refer 3 people, they get $15 a month off. Also would like that if the refered customer cancels before the 12months it would cancel the remaining months credits
  5. We want to use Promotional code as a "Refer-a-Friend" $5 a month off for 12 months. When added to an existing customer that currently pays $35, its changes the invoice to 40, then adds a 2nd line and deletes $5. putting the invoice back to 35. Whats wrong?
  6. The default Sticky Note on the Customers Summary page is not EYE CATCHING. is it possible to turn it a light RED? or something that when you open the account your eye would catch it? I asked support but was told that's a customization that is not in the scope of support. Which I think is horrible way to deal with a paying customer!
  7. That doesn't work. All that does is allow for not allowing registration without Ordering. So it still lets them register if they pick a plan. I want to totally disable that. Our customers MUST call us to be a customer
  8. How do I remove the new account setup from the website? Is there a turn off? We use WHMCS as a billing system after signup and recently have been getting someone trying to hack the system by creating accounts and would rather just turn that off so my employees have to create the account
  9. Where did you get the 5.2.12 Full Install? The website wont let me download any complete installs except for some old 5.2.8 or somthing?
  10. your missing the point. YES I have a 5.2.12 database backup but since we did the update days ago Im asking did the 5.2.13 change how it access the database that we cant just reinstall 5.2.12 and keep going. Otherwise going back to a 3day old 5.2.12 database I loss too much info.
  11. I do have a prev backup unfortunately it was from days ago. We do 1,000s of transactions in a short time. I cant loss all that data.
  12. Did it work? How can I get the full install files for 5.2.12 if it did? When I login to the website it wont let me download FULL 5.2.12 (only the upgrade)
  13. Im getting No INvoices Match Criteria error when trying to run the batch pdf export. and there sure is invoices in the system! HELP!
  14. someone wrote a module to connect to Radius Manager using what looks like the FreeRadius module. It has worked find for me for over 3 months, just today at midnight when it should have suspended users I got this error in the email log: Services Suspended - ERROR: Manual Suspension Required - FreeRadius Database Query Error: Access denied for user 'xxxxx_whmcs5'@'localhost' to database 'radius' - My Users Name- 5Meg Wireless Internet Residential (Service ID: 285 - User ID: 275) What was interesting was "xxxxx_whmcs5" is the user name Im using on our hosted website running WHMCS. and the database 'radius' is on our local Radius server SQL. Well then when I got into work I tried to manually suspend a user using the SUSPEND button on the Products/Services Page.. I got this error: Module Command Error FreeRadius Database Query Error: Access denied for user 'xxxxx_whmcs5'@'localhost' to database 'radius' what would stop the hosting server (whmcs) to not be able to connect to my remote Radius system? Ive check and I can login to the sql server with the same username and password.
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