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  1. messir

    Service ID Not Found

    I have one client's account that is nervous because the 'products' tab shows Service ID Not Found. But it show via invoice. Any way to assign product ID to Client ID?
  2. messir

    Not correct domain search

    Thanks for check it. But if say more correct, I search takeprofit.cash Its busy, but site offer name not with different TLD as - com, net, org, info etc. And offer only all with .com How disable captcha only for domain page?
  3. Hi All Found that domains search bad working. When I try search "anydomain.cash" it show list with many domains version but with .com and no version with my TLD and no offer other TLD. How I can fix it? I us resellerclub as domain provider.
  4. messir

    Again IPN

    Hi guys. Still can't find way how to fix IPN notification. Let me explain situation. First my site and billing have same URL and long time all work OK. But all this time I hate site on WHMCS as it not have good tools for SEO so I migrate WordPress and now my billing url looks different: Before - myhosting.com Now - my.myhosting.com All paypal payment s work, and accepted. but billling won't show that payment is completed. Also all time th PayPal module have notification: Maybe need in Paypal change site url? But I really can't find where I can do it as add my site long time ago. Pls help me guys.
  5. messir

    Won't work invisible ReCaptcha

    Whmcs give error notification about using standart theme and cart. Also wanna make some visual changes in themes. So for me I did all correct. Just make a copy of original cart and rename the folder....
  6. Hi all! After upgrade panel, got message from PayPal payment module " Please ensure Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is enabled under Selling Preferences within your PayPal account. Paypal requires the Notification URL to be set to a valid URL, we recommend setting it to: http://my.******host.com/" I changed on Paypal the address but notification on billing still appear. What I did wrong?
  7. messir

    Won't work invisible ReCaptcha

    No idea guys?
  8. messir

    Won't work invisible ReCaptcha

    Hi @redit I copy to local computer default shopping cart theme where invisible recaptcha was work OK. Rename the folder to name as my old site theme and upload it back. Than in admin panel choose this template as default.
  9. messir

    Won't work invisible ReCaptcha

    Guys. With default theme invisible captcha work OK. But when I make copy the folder and rename, captcha again stop work. Where to search problem?
  10. messir

    Contact page redirect

    When I try visit contact php page it redirect me to https://mysite.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1 How I can make like here https://my.a2hosting.com/contact.php Thanks
  11. messir

    Won't work invisible ReCaptcha

    Thanks all. Its problem my old theme. With default all work.
  12. WHMCS v 7.7.0 On Register Domain page wanna hidden recaptha but in won't work If I choose "Invisible reCAPTCHA" it show Simple (5 character) captcha.... ReCaptcha v 2.0 work correct.
  13. Hi I fixed the issue. Would you give advice what to do with this template error https://www.tongohost.com/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase Thanks
  14. Hi all. Guys pls help as customer support not reply couple days. My problem is: After choose hosting plan, I redirected to https://www.tongohost.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=49 where I need "Choose a Domain..." But at this step I stuck. No one of variant with domains not show field for domain and no Button for next step. Thanks
  15. messir

    How correct cancel Service

    Its not vds, its shared hosting account.

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