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[RC] Lara, AI Assistant .. Free OpenAI's ChatGPT for WHMCS Tickets!


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Introducing Lara, AI Assistant .. OpenAI's ChatGPT for WHMCS Tickets.

Are you looking to revolutionize your customer support services and boost satisfaction levels? Look no further! Our AI-Powered Ticket Assistance plugin for WHMCS is here to change the game.

Experience the revolutionary features of our AI-Powered WHMCS Add-on with our FREE plan! Try it today and witness the transformation in customer support firsthand!

Leverage cutting-edge AI technology to provide lightning-fast, accurate responses to customer inquiries. Our plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing WHMCS setup and knowledge base to deliver an unparalleled support experience. Here's a glimpse of the fantastic features you can expect:

  1. AI-Generated Responses: Instant, intelligent answers based on your company's knowledge base, ensuring quick and accurate customer support.
  2. Response Rewriting: Automatically polish and improve support staff or AI-generated responses for optimal clarity and professionalism.
  3. Quick Action Buttons: Streamline ticket management with instant, task-specific responses, keeping customers informed at every stage:
    • Task in Progress: Notify customers that their request is being actively worked on and set expectations for timely updates.
    • Completed: Inform customers when their request has been successfully resolved, ensuring they're aware of the progress.
    • Declined: Professionally and respectfully communicate declined requests while offering further assistance if needed.

Experimental Features :

  1. Auto Pilot Mode - Experimental Feature: This mode enables the AI to automatically respond to new tickets as soon as they are created. We're constantly refining this feature, and your feedback is always welcome.
  2. Live Mode: Enable this mode for AI-generated responses to be directly added to the ticket as a reply. Disable it to have the AI generate replies that are sent to admins for review instead of being posted.
  3. Notify Admins: This feature ensures admins receive a copy of the AI-generated response, even if Live Mode is enabled, to keep them informed about the AI's interactions with customers.
  4. Instant Reply: As soon as a customer opens a new ticket, the AI generates a personalized response, improving response time and efficiency.
  5. Auto Reply: This feature ensures that AI-generated responses are sent promptly whenever a customer sends a new reply within an existing ticket.
  6. Response Delay: Tailor the AI's response time to your preference - set it to "0" for immediate responses or choose a custom duration to mimic a more human-like response time.
  7. Admin Username: Associate AI-automated responses with a preferred admin's name to ensure a consistent and professional customer experience.
  8. Ticket Status: Control the status of a ticket once an AI-generated response has been sent to maintain an organized and efficient ticket management process.


We're committed to perfecting our product and, as a result, we're offering you the chance to try the free version before we introduce paid plans. We're excited to hear what you think.

Please download it now and share your feedback! Do keep in mind, as this is a release candidate, there may be some glitches. If you encounter any issues, let us know and we'll promptly address them. Test it out today and be part of shaping the future of customer support!


Download it now from here : Download Lara AI Assistant


See it in action !




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A quick update, due to a popular demand, we have updated the module to support PHP versions 7.2+ (with ionCube v12), which should make the plugin compatible with WHMCS v8.0 and above.

Download it now from here : Download Lara AI Assistant

If you need to use the plugin in an older version, please send us your PHP & ionCube versions via the following ticket :


If we get more requests for your PHP & ionCube versions, we will release a compatible  package, so let us know.

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Lara v1.2.0 Released: Faster, No-Knowledge Base, GDPR, Source Code, and 80% Cheaper!

We're beyond excited to bring to you the launch of Lara AI Assistant v1.2.0, a game-changer in AI assistance.

Download link: https://clients.xtraorbit.com/download

Packed with upgrades that are guaranteed to elevate your experience, here's a peek at what this powerhouse of a version has to offer:

No Knowledge Base, No Problem! : Recognizing that many customers might not have a substantial Knowledge Base for AI training, we've innovated to overcome this hurdle. Lara v1.2.0 will create a 'shadow' Knowledge Base using your website's public data, getting smarter with each interaction and enhancing its responses to your customers. This ensures that even if you don't have an existing Knowledge Base, you won't miss out on the AI revolution!

Revamped Pricing for Better Value : In our pursuit to bring the best to you, we've revised our pricing by reducing it by a whopping 80%! Now, you can start benefiting from our services from as low as 19.99/month for 1000 credits. Plus, get two months free when you choose our annual payment plan! More details here: https://clients.xtraorbit.com/store/lara-ai-assistant

But that's not all! We want to ensure everyone can benefit from our technology, which is why our free plan option is still available, giving you the opportunity to experience the power of Lara without any cost. 

Source Code Version for Ultimate Control : To ensure you have complete control and transparency over your users data, we've introduced a paid source code version. This gives you total command and peace of mind over your data. Find out more: https://clients.xtraorbit.com/store/source-codes

Extended Language Support for Global Reach : We've broadened our horizons and so can you! With Lara now supporting over 95 languages, you can communicate with your customers globally without the language barrier.

GDPR Ready : With GDPR compliance being crucial, we've moved all our backend servers, including OpenAI servers, to Europe, providing a safer and more secure environment for your data, plus the added benefit of being way faster than before.

AI Training Enhancements : We've gone the extra mile to ensure that Lara v1.2.0 is not just an AI assistant, but an informed and prudent one at that. It's been rigorously trained to adhere strictly to best practices and sensitive information handling. This means Lara will never share external links, mention domain names, or reference competitor companies or their products.

Department-Specific Options : With Lara v1.2.0, you have the power to customize your AI assistant's settings to meet the specific requirements of each department within your organization. This includes configuring the Autopilot mode individually per department, for example, activating it for your Sales team while keeping it off for Support. With this granular control, Lara becomes an even more versatile tool, seamlessly integrating with your varied departmental workflows.

New and Improved Features:

  • Reply Language: Tailor the language of responses, or let the system generate replies based on your customer's language for a personalized user experience.
  • Salutation & Signature Customization: Personalize your interactions right from the start to the end of your AI responses.
  • Use Admin Signature: Give a human touch to your AI replies by allowing it to use the current admin's signature (if available).
  • Admin Reply Override: Maintain the human touch where necessary by preventing the AI from automatically replying once a human admin has responded.
  • AI Name Personalization: Enhance customer engagement by giving your AI a personal name.
  • Reply To Customization: Decide whether the AI should respond to logged-in customers, guests, or both.
  • Footer Note: Utilize this feature to add a personalized touch to every AI-generated ticket response. This note serves as an excellent opportunity to inform your customers that they are interacting with an advanced, revolutionary technology. By doing so, customers can appreciate the cutting-edge tech they're engaging with and show understanding towards any potential AI inaccuracies.
  • Failure Response & Status: Manage scenarios when the AI is unable to generate a reply or when a query falls beyond your service scope.

Lara is more than an AI assistant; it's an evolving, cutting-edge solution designed with your company's unique needs in mind. Its capabilities extend from maintaining strict adherence to possessing a comprehensive understanding of your business and the services you provide. However, as with any sophisticated technology, there might be moments when it doesn't perform as expected. We appreciate your understanding as we continually refine and enhance Lara to deliver you a truly exceptional AI experience.

This is just a glimpse of the many exciting features of Lara AI Assistant v1.2.0. We invite you to experience the full capabilities of this new version and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Have a lovely day!

The Lara Team

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I have the Lara Addon active in my WHMCS, I think the installation and configuration were perfect, but I have a question, as I understood the automatic response, when a customer opens a support ticket, it is sent after the WHMCS cron is executed, if so, is there any way for this automatic AI response to be immediate, that is, as soon as the customer opens the new ticket? without having to wait for the WHMCS cron to run.

Thank you in advance for the cordial assistance, greetings.


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