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If I enable Stripe gateway, the new payment will be recurring payment or client will have an option to pay using One-Time payment option? The reason is, I want to disable recurring for the products like Domain registration and client should be able to pay one time only (not recurring).




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I have a questions about the Stripe gateway included in WHMCS. Currently we are using the PayPal Billing Agreement, and not PayPal Subscription, because we provide "pay per user" services, so customer's invoices have different amount every months.

Have Stripe a functions like this were users register their credit card and we can "capture" a variable amount every months?


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Friend good afternoon,


I have a question on the same subject and I will appreciate if any WHMCS experto or user with a good heart can assist me, 

We are also using whmcs with stripe gateway, for recurring payments, 

What we've realized is , when costumers register with us via whmcs and pay for the first time, it's generated his account and card details stored, perfect ,

However, it does not generate a subscription on Stripe but it does on Whmcs, the problem with that is.. when the costumers loses their card, or simple change the card, Whmcs does not get this information and keep trying to charge the old card. At this moment as a work around we had to create an automated email template to ask them to update their details, which sometimes is frustrating as they don't know how to do it and they end up cancelling their services with us, 

Funny thing is... if we create a subscription in Stripe directly, it works perfectly and everytime the costumer change their card, it does get updated automatically in Stripe and therefore charges the costumer on the new card automatically, 


Is there any other configuration we have to do on WHMCS in order to this works well? 


Many thanks in advance, this fix will save us huge number of costumers to continue with us

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