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  1. Hi, Microsoft is stopping to provide basic-auth with POP, IMAP and SMTP, customers must use OAUTH, could be this your problem? Or simply your server is deny any outbound connections with remote SMTP? If you have SSH access to your server try with "telnet smtp.office365.com 587" and look for a reply/open port.
  2. Hi, what SMTP port are you using with Sendgrid and what port are you try to set for SES?
  3. Hi, I'm running BX 2.2.153, on WHMCS 7.10 and PHP 7.2. I would like to upgrade to BX 2.2.169. Will be sufficient to upload the new module files? Do I have to follow any particular precautions? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a questions about the Stripe gateway included in WHMCS. Currently we are using the PayPal Billing Agreement, and not PayPal Subscription, because we provide "pay per user" services, so customer's invoices have different amount every months. Have Stripe a functions like this were users register their credit card and we can "capture" a variable amount every months? Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm still using the MyWorks PayPal Billing Agreement module but I'm interesting into migrating to LCWSoft PayPal Billing Agreements. After the migration the users will have to "re-agree" via PayPal page or also tokens are migrated in the new module? Thanks
  6. Qboxmail module for WHMCS Qboxmail's module for WHMCS allows you to sell Qboxmail email accounts to your customers directly from your WHMCS. This will make it easier for your customers to bundle a Professional Cloud Email service with their domain or web space. Qboxmail module for WHMCS is free, in case of technical problems or suggestions please open a ticket in your Qboxmail customer area. View and download the Qboxmail module from the Marketplace: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/6375-email-hosting-for-resellers Why Qboxmail Qboxmail is the complete cloud-based email management solution for hosting providers. Increase the value of your service by adding a robust professional email solution to your offering. Qboxmail will provide you with a set of tools that will allow you to expand your business, enriching your offer, in a simple way, without having to worry about all the problems that usually come with managing an email server. Our Control Panel is specifically designed to save you time in managing your customers' emails, and with our WHMCS module the creation of email accounts is automatic. Qboxmail features The features of our service make Qboxmail attractive both to resellers like you, and to your customers. For you: * WHMCS Integration * Multilevel control panel * Automatic migration from other email servers * Real-time email log analytics * API for software integrations * White-label solutions for Control Panel and Webmail For your customer: * Robust built-in email security solutions * Mailboxes up to 100 GB * Backup and Email Archive with no limited space * Centralized management of e-mail signatures * Modern and user-friendly Webmail * Contacts and calendars sharing * Zoom integration for video meeting * Manage multiple email accounts at the same time * Aliases, forwards, vacation messages, sieve rules, canned messages How the Qboxmail module works With the Qboxmail module for WHMCS you can: * Add, remove, enable or disable mailboxes * Update passwords * Managing quota * Add, remove aliases * Create different products as “email packages” in the three different plans of our service Where do I start? Visit https://www.qboxmail.com/resellers/ to receive more information about our resellers program and learn about all the advantages of a partnership with us. Then sign up for our 30 days free trial at https://www.qboxmail.com/free-trial/ After you signed up it’s time to try our module available at https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/6375-email-hosting-for-resellers Follow our Step-by-Step Guides to easily install the module. We know the world is full of choices. Thank you for choosing us!
  7. Hi, the module is still available? All links return a 404 error. I'm interesting to buy it. Thanks
  8. Hi, the link for Order is not working. Can you post the update link? Thanks
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