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Request : Theme installation

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I purchased a new WHMCS Template : https://themeforest.net/item/antler-hosting-provider-whmcs-template/23139614

But unfortunately I have no idea how to install or activate it on my current custom theme .

I want to hire a  professional  to do this installation for me , please can you tell me how much it cost ?

IMPORTANT : only the WHMCS part of the theme the HTML from page is not needed

Thank you  .

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    • By sokalsondha
      Hello everyone
      Hope all are fine. I am facing a really strange issue in my whmcs licensing.
      I have installed manually whmcs on a digital ocean VPS.
      I have a genuine license key of whmcs.
      Everything is installed but when I registering my license key with whmcs it's not registering with my Server IP. 
      Not the domain name.
      As a result when I go to my admin portal by using the domain name it's showing that license error.
      But if I go by IP address then it's working.
      I have reissued the license many times still same issue.
      I can see valid domain name in there is my IP address not the domain name.
      How do I solve this issue?
      Can someone help please?
    • By ModulesGarden
      1. Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS 1.1.0

      A quick ordering process with only one or two steps combined with modern, stylish layouts is what Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS has become known for, but from now on, even more factors are driving its rapidly growing popularity!

      Let us proudly reveal Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS 1.1.0 which marks a major milestone in the module's development path for at least a few important reasons.

      Are you a proud owner of Discount Center For WHMCS? You will be pleased to know that Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS is now completely integrated with your module, allowing you to attract clients with discounted prices displayed in key spots, i.e. on product tiles and in the order summary.

      You are also provided with plenty of fresh options for customization, empowering you to:
      Create custom order fields in the form of a dropdown menu, input text or checkbox. Add and manage custom images for configurable options’ fields and product addons. This rich and varied toolkit can be safely used in the brand-new WHMCS V8.6 environment, which together with PHP 8.1 is now fully supported by the module.

      The changelog is ready to astonish you with as many as 15 new features and countless improvements, so go ahead and see it in its full glory right away!

      Read more about Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS 1.1.0!

      2. Growing Lagom WHMCS Client Theme Integration

      Our offer is full of modules supporting Lagom WHMCS Client Theme, such as the ultra practical Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS responsible for the effortless application of fees and discounts based on the payment gateway chosen by a client in the ordering process.

      But if you run a reselling business, one product in particular should instantly pop up on your radar. Praised for the level of freedom it offers, Products Reseller For WHMCS is the perfect choice if you seek modern tools to manage the network of your resellers, empowered to market your products through any platform they could possibly choose.

      The only thing we can think of that could make you want Products Reseller For WHMCS even more is an attractive markdown - so there you go! A staggering 15% discount is now ready for use at our marketplace, but just for a limited time!

      Read more about Products Reseller For WHMCS!

      3. Hosting Renewals For WHMCS 3.4.0

      But to be fair, Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS wasn't the first module to score compatibility with WHMCS V8.6 - the same considerable feat was earlier accomplished by Hosting Renewals For WHMCS via its most recent update to version 3.4.0!

      This momentous release also features PHP 8.1 support accompanied by the enhancement of discount-related capabilities:
      Early Payment Discounts applicable to products before the due date of their renewal invoice. The option to display discounts as separate invoice items. You can get familiar with everything that this update has brought in the changelog – it’s surely worth to take a close look at!

      Read more about Hosting Renewals For WHMCS 3.4.0!

      Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?
      Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
    • By ModulesGarden
      There's a million-to-one chance for today's businesses to succeed without understanding that their online presence must accommodate potential customers from as early as their first touchpoint experience. Any shortcomings in this particular area can rob a company of the golden opportunity for a strong relationship with its target audience.

      Driven by this challenge, we decided to go beyond what you're used to and, together with RS Studio, developed from scratch a feature-rich module with the ultimate goal of offering your customers a modern kind of shopping experience that will win over their hearts immediately.

      Owing to a varied selection of customization tools available in Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS, you will be empowered to choose freely between different designs of order forms, summary boxes, product packages, and other supplemental components. What makes this product even more extraordinary is that it can work wonders both in a standalone setup or boosted with the Lagom Client Theme integration which further extends the spectrum of styles and color schemes.

      If you are eager to fully embrace the visual revolution that we have just triggered, access Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS before June 30th to be additionally granted an exclusive 20% promo code for Lagom Client Theme!

      Change your shopping cart beyond recognition!

      Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?
      Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you, we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
    • By Paweł Bis
      Lagom WHMCS Client Theme has been updated to 2.0 version!

      Order Now     Changelog    Documentation        Services        Contact

      Different Styles & Colors
      Lagom WHMCS Client Area Theme consists of 4 unique styles. There are 5 different color schemes available for each style.
      Style Manager
      Provides essential tools used to manage Lagom theme colors and styles without having any technical know-how.
      You will be empowered to apply various Styles and Color Schemes to tailor our theme to your brand style.
      Learn More

      Menu Manager
      From now on, you do not need to create complicated WHMCS hooks to modify the Lagom theme navigation.
      Menu Manager delivers a super convenient option to set up the menu items from the WHMCS addon.
      Learn More

      Multiple Layouts
      Make full use of 5 unique layouts for the main menu navigation and 2 various layouts for the footer.
      Other Lagom Features
      Login Based Layouts
      Display different menu and footer layouts based on the customer's login status.
      Learn More
      Basic SEO Management
      Manage SEO for selected theme pages. Assign your custom page title, description, and social image.
      Learn More
      Custom Layout for Pages
      Assign a unique Lagom Layout to specific pages and overwrite settings made in Layout Manager.
      Learn More
      Affix Theme Navigation
      Affix the top Lagom theme navigation when a customer scrolls your website up.
      Learn More
      Multiple Element Styles
      Using a few simple clicks you can choose from 3 different styles available for particular Lagom elements.
      Learn More
      Multiple Page Templates
      Define various templates for selected Lagom theme pages and configure its settings.
      Learn More
      Different Fonts
      Change Font Family used in the Lagom theme with a few simple clicks.
      Learn More
      Affix Theme Sidebars
      Affix theme sidebars to the top of the browser window.
      Learn More
      Hide Sidebars
      Hide Lagom theme sidebars for selected pages in Page Manager.
      Learn More
    • By AALayer
      All our themes are now updated to WHMCS 8.3!
      Caesar Hosting Theme -> https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/caesar-hosting-whmcs-theme-skin/ - 69$
      Odin Hosting Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/odin-whmcs-dark-theme/  - 69$
      Zeus Hosting Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/zeus-whmcs-dark-theme/ - 69$
      Magna Hosting Theme  - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/magna-whmcs-hosting-theme/ - 69$
      LowEndHost Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/lowendhost-whmcs/ - FREE
      All themes purchased come with lifetime updates per domain, 1 year support.
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