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11 hours ago, Md Rasel Khan said:

Is there any way to auto select the domain configuration settings for DNS Management, ID Protection & Email Forwarding checkboxes by hook?

it's an expansion of the hook I posted in the thread below....


# Enable Domain Addons in Cart Hook
# Written by brian!

function enable_domain_addons_in_cart_hook($vars) {
	if ($vars['templatefile']=="configuredomains") {
		$domains = $vars['domains'];
		foreach ($domains as $key => $domain) {
			if ($domain['dnsmanagement'] == 1) {
				$domains[$key]['dnsmanagementselected'] = true;
			if ($domain['emailforwarding'] == 1) {
				$domains[$key]['emailforwardingselected'] = true;
			if ($domain['idprotection'] == 1) {
				$domains[$key]['idprotectionselected'] = true;
		return array("domains" => $domains); 
add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "enable_domain_addons_in_cart_hook");
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Forgive me for necro-ing this thread. I don't seem to even have any client facing Domain Configurations selection. I'm concerned that implementing this Hook may not do anything, considering the checkboxes don't even exist anywhere on the order form when users purchase a domain. Note, I am still able to enable them in the admin area or via MySQL. 


Will this hook help me, even though the options aren't on the order form? I really need all DNS management options enabled by default for all users who order domains.  I can't really test this (I don't think) without actually buying a domain and seeing if it enables the management settings. Thank you so much in advanced for any responses.  (@Brian - you're the man. I've searched out so many WHMCS questions only to have them answered by you in the forums. Thank you for your constant contributions.)

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