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  1. Does anyone have recommendations for "the best" GSuite CRM, WHMCS module or other? The marketplace seems to feature several modules that use third party reseller accounts to sell GSuite services... but I'm a GSuite Partner/reseller myself! I've purchased and installed the one from ModulesGarden ( https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/1782 ), but it just doesn't "feel" right. I set up and manage most of my clients' user deployments, so that part is easier, but I also have clients who use GSuite Basic, Business & Enterprise. Unless I'm really missing something, and not setting it up correctly (I've followed the setup instructions about 3 times now), it just doesn't do a good job at managing the various packages. GSuite Basic is easy enough, but when you add in the additional packages to the mix, it doesn't seem to "add up". Anyhow, I'm looking for a solution. Doesn't have to be a WHMCS module, but that'd be ideal. Are there any other GSuite Partners/resellers on here? If so, can anyone else on here chime in as to what they're using?
  2. Thank you for your input! I'm not sure if that's what my issue is, but it sounds like your familiar enough with the error. I'll have to double check on the timeout! The previous steps, up until that error, only take seconds. Why would the final 25% of the final test take so long? How long is the process supposed to take? I submitted a ticket to support, but never heard back. I believe that even though I submitted the ticket, I never submitted the "highly recommended" info on the second page. I never would have assumed that "highly suggested" would have prevented the ticket from going through ?
  3. For starters, I'm on a CloudLinux system and within CageFS. I need to upgrade a few things to be php7+ compatible, but am using php5.6 for the time being. When I have my account in the Native(php5.6) version (in php selector), things run "okay"... or, at least good enough for now. When I change the account to run in the php5.6 shell, my wordpress install runs fine, but my WHMCS install changes to a 500 error in Apache. I've tried every extension combination that I can think of, but I just can't get WHMCS running in the php5.6 shell. Seems silly, as it runs okay in Native shell. The reason why I keep playing around with this is because I'm having an issue while running the nightly cron job: /crons/cron.php All of my other crons seem to run totally fine, but this one stalls out on me AND locks up my WHMCS/account install. (see below) Executing System Queue ---------------------- 3/4 [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░] 75% < 1 sec/< 1 sec 29.5 MiB I've tried running this cron several different ways, but it keeps stalling out in the same spot. I've double checked my server settings and anything and everything I could think of OR find referenced on WHMCS troubleshooting techniques. So... long story short, can anyone offer up any suggestions on how to resolve this?
  4. I found two bugs, or at least what would appear to be bugs. The first one, which actually isn't this one i'm posting about, is on the Manage Orders page. I had a domain renewal come through. ...why it doesn't automatically approve is beyond me (another bug? i have automatically approve turned on)... but at any rate, I saw a renewal order come through for 2 of my client's domains. the page wouldn't let me check off "send email" and "send renewal to registrar". the boxes were greyed out and unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot. since i couldn't click on anything, and i knew that they were expiring today/tomorrow... i just tried clicking accept order. it seemed to push the order through just fine and the domains were renewed... but that just can't be right. i then when into the domain management to verify that they had renewed. i noticed that DNS Management, Email Forwarding & ID Protection weren't checked off. the first 2 can check off and save just fine. when i try and check off & save ID Protection, I receiving the message "Enabling ID Protection may cause charges at the registrar. Are you sure you wish to enable ID Protection?", which is a great new notification IMO. BUT, when I click "yes", I receive this error message: ID Protection Toggle FailedDomain is already Private - No update made. needless to say, it unchecks the ID Protection box and doesn't save to reflect that it actually is/already is private. I use NameSilo as my registrar. I'm going to check in with them to make sure that I'm not missing an updated extension. I also use the Lara theme. I tried disabling the theme to make it through the Manage Orders page, just to make sure it wasn't the admin theme causing conflict. i received the same greyed boxes on that screen, so I'd have to assume that it isn't the theme. (which is totally awesome and very beautiful!!! I'd highly suggest the theme to any and all WHMCS admins out there. it's priced so amazingly for what you receive. honestly, the default WHMCS themes have really been lax IMO) - splaquet
  5. splaquet

    the credit card number is invalid

    Have you tried: - changing their payment method from whatever it's currently set at, to something else - then, deleting their card info from whmcs - then removing their profile from your cc processor (the association might have disconnected) - then reassigning then back to old CC payment method Not sure if that'll work, but it worked for me once. Hopefully that'll help. Also, look in the log to see what error code that the processing attempt is giving you. Hopefully that'll help shed some light. - shannon
  6. splaquet

    the credit card number is invalid

    i realize that this post is years old, but i was running into the same error. i haven't totally tracked it down, but on my end at least, it seems to present itself when changing CC processors and the old gateway auth is still associated with the old processor. i changed processors and had to call up a handful of clients to have them update their card info. that's when i started running into it. i haven't found a quick solution yet, but i'll try and report back if i do.
  7. splaquet

    Invoice generation question

    nope, continuous invoice generation is enabled. nothing knowingly was changed. i think that the issue stemmed from failed cron jobs. i haven't gone back through my emails to see which dates failed, but i do recall that i had a handful of them that randomly started to for some reason. i then fixed them and i'm pretty sure that it's been okay since. my assumption was always that even if a cron job failed, it would pick it back up the next time that it ran. so apparently, after reading another post as well, that isn't the case?
  8. John, quick question... should i still run the patch, in case my flubbed something up doing it manually? ***** I was actually able to get things working. I tried a few too many things to know exactly what my issue was, but here's a quick list of everything that I did to get it back up and running: noticed redundancies in the /log errors and error_log (like /whmcs/vendor/whmcs/whmcs/vendor) temporarily disabled my /public_html .htaccess file (as it has rewrites in there for WordPress) renamed my /whmcs .htaccess file to .htaccess.bak and activated yours (renaming htaccess.txt to .htaccess) manually created the /log dir in /install and set permissions (auto-update didn't create that for whatever reasons) downloaded the full file set from your website and did side-by-side comparison i found that several files from the /resources folder weren't there i found that /vendors/whmcs wasn't in the new package, so i renamed that folder on my server /whmcs-foundation wasn't on the server, so i uploaded that file about a half dozen random files in your /whmcs package weren't updated on the server, so i uploaded those files i then ran the updater again, but it still paused out looked at errors again, noticed a problem with database calls tried raising the settings, but then turned off PHP-FPM on the account i opened some of the files in /mysql and ran them manually in PHPMyAdmin reran the update script, it seemed to work renamed all of my files back to their original names and here I am now! in the past, i'd jump the gun and install beta versions. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the latest and greatest in tech upgrades, but i've had soooo many hiccups and headaches with upgrading WHMCS over the years. i'm to the point where i'm relying on your software to help run my life. managing nearly 1k domain names and 700+ hosting accounts just isn't something that you can keep track of in QuickBooks as easily as you can in WHMCS. so, in short, it's always a real bummer when something like this happens for no apparent reasons. i waited for days after it had been released and still lost hours in the process. it's truly just shitty fortunately, you have a ton of kind folks (fellow users) on the msg board, especially after a major update is released. i've also noticed that your support staff have stepped it up on the boards as well. i'm not sure if it's the new forum (which is awesome BTW), if it's due to the recent release, if you've just added more staff to help on the msg board, or if i'm just noticing it more recently... but it definitely feels better when you have support (moral, mental, and actual) to help you through struggles. anyhow, hopefully this update is worth it!!! cheers, shannon
  9. splaquet

    Invoice generation question

    i don't want to sound stupid, but... actually, i totally do after writing that so here's my question... if they don't pay their invoice on time, as in they paid late and in the next month, is it going to skip a month? check out my screenshot to see my dilemma... and if this isn't what's happening, then can someone maybe chime in as to what might actually have happened? my worst fear is that i have to manually search through to double check that this hadn't happened with even more client's i had no idea that this even happened, but found this when i was randomly tweaking some of his server settings in the backend. at first, i was thinking that maybe the dates were off, but the invoices were correct... but that wasn't the case. invoices for service dates are: Inv Date ~ Service Date Range 7/2/17 ~ 8/1/17 - 9/1/17 8/2/17 ~ 9/1/17 - 10/1/17 ** missing month ** 10/2/17 ~ 11/1/17 - 12/1/17
  10. what's #RJG-733809? I'm having the same issue. I tried auto-update and that failed when it couldn't edit configuration.php due to permissions. WHMCS says to set permissions to 440, but then the installer crashes on me. ...and worst off, I've run into this same issue before. Call me stupid for not remembering to change the permissions before the upgrade, maybe my install just isn't working correctly to handle that file, or maybe WHMCS should explicitly mention to change the permissions on that file before updating... but either way, this is the second time that an upgrade has left WHMCS down on my server for an extended period of time. UGH!
  11. splaquet

    cPanel DNS Manager for WHMCS

    I realize that this post is a few years old... but that doesn't prevent me from wanting to spend $16.95 on your extension I'm only seeing a purchase option for $79 on your website Any chance you could make a $16.95 exception for WHMCS forum friends?
  12. splaquet

    Move invoice form Moved products to different customer

    Is there a specific reason why there isn't a way to change the owner of invoices? My new issue is that a client has moved away from their previous company. For my own record keeping and for each individual client's records, changing over half of the previously invoiced products to the newly created second account is kind of important. Also worth noting is that there are so many invoices that this would create hours of work if I had to recreate each of those invoices manually. I was thinking that I'd try updating one of the invoices directly in PHPMyAdmin, but only found that the records weren't easily edited. Does anyone have any type of solution for something like this? To be 100% honest, it seems kind of trivial that this feature still doesn't exist. I can only assume that there must have been hundreds of times when WHMCS users would have benefitted from a function like this over the years.
  13. splaquet

    prevent domain renewal upon payment

    I just noticed that I made a mistake. Upon creating the new invoice for the additional years, it DID NOT automatically renew at the registrar. I was confused because I saw 2019 and expected 2018, but it did actually already say 2019... so that part worked and is correct. The unfortunate reality for me though is still present. I have dozens of domains that have an additional year attached to them. To manually go through them all and search out incorrect renewals would take forever... and certainly isn't worth the few bucks that I make off each one. On the other hand, correcting the mistake to earn back the entire billed amount paid on my behalf is worth it. It's really finding the time to correct all of these errors. hah... oh, whoa is me So if I correctly put this all together... every time that I personally acquire a domain for a client and secure the domain at the time of their request (which is obviously the only way to do it to ensure purchase), I'll need to: 1) create a new billable invoice with copied info from the actual purchase invoice, immediately after purchase 2) cancel/delete the automatically generated invoice produced by the system This leaves the question of the additional invoice that's sent to the client. Wouldn't this mean that the client would receive the invoice that I manually processed and also a second for the manually created invoice? ugh... this is going to be A LOT of extra work in the future, with the only obvious answer being that I'll be able to not lose out on money. hah, that's always nice, but it again comes down to the amount made off of each domain. Guess that adding some padding to phone orders would be the only answer moving forward.
  14. splaquet

    prevent domain renewal upon payment

    It's not that my client's won't pay, it's only that they now have an additionally paid year through mistakes made. (on my behalf, unfortunately) As per the WHMCS knowledge base, I tried this with no luck... as in, it renewed the domains for another year at the registrar (namesilo): 1. Locate the invoice for the domain (click the View Invoices link on the domain page to jump straight to a list of invoices for just that domain) 2. Copy the line item and amount for the domain from the existing line to a new invoice line item and save 3. Then delete the original line item from the invoice and by doing that you are removing the actual link to the domain when paid so no further renewal will occur For example: I'll have a client call me up or email me, asking for me to order a domain on their behalf. If I order it within their account, it'll order the domain (paying for the order through my account) and then generate a payment due invoice for the client. When they pay their invoice, it'll add an additional year to the domain upon payment as expected. I tried to create additionally billed items invoice for the additional years, to offset things, but I just found that it again renewed the domains for another year. I can't seem to win! I wish there was a simple checkbox & number field for "do not renew domain upon payment for X years." I realize that I'm probably a minority and that this is most likely an unrealistic request, but I cannot figure out how to get ahead of the payments. Another thought would be to prevent/request confirmation for auto-renewals on domain payments made within X days (with a variable allowing the adjustment) after previous renewal. The only solution that I can think of would be to go through with the renewal and then follow up with the registrar/Namesilo, having them cancel the order. I'd obviously rather not take that route, as I'm sure that wouldn't as well. I'm now in a position where I have numerous clients' domains expiring in 2019 (or the second half of 2018), and I'm not sure how to resolve that. Any suggestions? I will very often order domains on their behalf, and most do not have a stored card on file. I just can't seem to figure out a way to skip renewing for a year, so I can't catch up on past due debts. I just have to believe that I'm the only person who must be using WHMCS like this. I support 90% of my clients through WHMCS, rather than using quickbooks. The automation is clutch, versus multi-purposed accounting software. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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