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Fetch and display Domain search results on other website,

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Hello everyone,

I have an HTML design which I want to use as my main website, https://massivesites.com/
And WHMCS website is https://massivesites.com/client-area that is for billing etc.

I have already integrated the domain search with whmcs website, so when a user land on the main website https://massivesites.com/ and search for the domain, it directs them to the https://massivesites.com/client-area/cart.php?a=add&domain=register with the search results.

What I want to ask is, if it is possible to display the DOMAIN SEARCH RESULTS on the main website.
If yes how we can do this

Waiting for the suggestions.
Thank you,

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3 hours ago, IamAQ said:

What I want to ask is, if it is possible to display the DOMAIN SEARCH RESULTS on the main website.

using WHMCS, not easily.

for those users that want to show search results on a non-whmcs page (and assuming that they haven't styled their client area to look like their main site and hence users can't see the difference between the two), they would normally use third-party solutions, e.g external whois (or similar) scripts that don't use WHMCS for lookups, and link any available results back to the cart.

the one i've seen used most often is a WordPress plugin, WP Domain Checker, but that's not an option for you if your site is HTML rather than WordPress... there would be similar PHP scripts that could lookup specific domains and they could be tweaked to add WHMCS links to the results, but most of them certainly wouldn't give additional suggestions as your WHMCS lookups could.

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