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  1. I have read this topic earlier and is useful, And It is the one that got me in trouble 😜 as I tried to use hook and fails to understand how to add this on the required page. I have added the hook file but nothing changes. I know it is no longer needed in my case but I want to know what I was missing.
  2. I prefer not to use hooks if at the end I need to editing template too. But I want to know who to use a hook, Is there a need to call hook function? Or it gets loaded automatically. I know we creat hook file inside include/hooks directory. Can we name hook file whatever we want? Or it must be specified, Also Is they get load automatically when the page loads? Or we have to call that hook function in our templates code, where we want to make changes.?
  3. Yes, you are right that's why I want to remove them from the sidebar. It is useless having the same options twice on the page.
  4. Hello everyone, I want to configure Domain Registrars on my WHMCS. I have seen whmcs detailed documentation where they explain Domain Registrars. but I didn't understand where to start. They said ''the configuration function is a required function of all registrar modules" but I didn't find this function. Do we have to create/upload the configure file for this or something? There is also a link provided i.e. https://github.com/WHMCS/sample-registrar-module Do we have to download files from here? Please help and guide on the right track. thanks,
  5. Hello, I am trying to remove sidebar items and add them to navbar especially on the products page. I want to remove categories and action menu from the sidebar and add them to the navbar. I have tried to do this using hooks, but I am unable to do so. I failed to understand how to work with hooks. I need your help in understanding how to use hooks. I have already created a hook file inside include/hooks directory, and have written the function in this file. Is this all we have to done to use a hook or is there something I am missing. Also, Do we have to call a hook function somewhere inside the code? please help! thanks,
  6. What if I face the same problem again!
  7. Yes, The files located at vendor/whmcs/whmcs can be removed safely. I have done that and it didn't harm other files.
  8. most of the folders inside vendor > composer directory contain whmcs files, Can I safely remove these folders?
  9. Yeah, that's right! It do have many folders thats contains whmcs files, like admin, assets, downloads, vendor, attachments etc. May I remove that? Is it save if I remove these files?
  10. It only contains one zip file, deleting that didn't help much,
  11. In my case, it contains 177317 files. Can't I reduce them? I don't want to transfer to another hosting.
  12. Hello, I am facing a problem with updating WHMCS. It says to check memory limits and execution time but both of them are set as recommended values. I think the problem lies with the cache. As my c-panel indicates excessive use of inodes. Inode has crossed its max value. Maybe that is the reason for updating failure. As because of max node usage cache is not enough for the updating process. My website is in the initial phases, and don't have much client's data. I have seen that folder named 'composer' inside vendor folder consuming the majority of Inodes. Why it is so, What these folders contain? and how I can reduce it. Is my website having spam or something? Please help. thanks,
  13. Also, Inodes in my hosting reached to its max level. Can it be a reason for these errors?
  14. hello, @WHMCS John where I can locate specific error message. By doing this it opens the whole update.php file.

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