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  1. I am facing the same issue, Do anyone know the solution for this? @pRieStaKos @brian!?
  2. whoo, yes it works. I am stuck in this for more than two days, Do not believe the solution could be this simple. 😛 Thank you so much for the help, 🙂
  3. I have tried it multiple times, but no use. Whmcs admin area is working completely fine, I have this problem in client area, so I belive there is something wrong with loading the template files. Also is it possible that the files get courpted during installation file.? (as the connection to the site is insecure). What you suggest I should do,
  4. yes, I am sure I have uploaded the theme in right directory. I uploaded it via FTP
  5. okay, there is a little progress, but everything is broken now. looks like stylesheets are not loading 😞
  6. Hello, I am facing the issue on website, recently i tried to update the template, I upload the new template and changed it in admin area. But It is not loading, I don't know what happened but I tried to switch back to default 'SIX' templaete and it is not working either. It seems like whmcs is not loading any template, their must be a reason for this but in console I don't see any error messgae. please help me to fix it, Thank you!
  7. In above hook I have updated the query after your recommendation, Now prduct sequence and repeated product issue is resolved. but currencies are still not updating on the page.
  8. Yes, I am querying tblproducts with a join to tblpricing. Here is the hook I am using . <?php use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; function waka_products($vars) { $products = Capsule::table('tblproducts') ->join('tblpricing', 'tblproducts.id', '=', 'tblpricing.relid') ->select('tblproducts.*','tblpricing.*') ->where('tblproducts.gid','10') ->where('tblpricing.currency', '1') ->where('tblpricing.type', 'product') ->orderBy('tblproducts.order') ->get(); $encodedata = json_encode($products); $decodedata = json_decode($encodedata, true); return array("myproducts" => $decodedata); } add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "waka_products"); ?>
  9. I am also concerned about the product's sequence, even if I manage to hide the repeated products, there sequence is not right. as you may see in the image below, But on the deault cart, it has the accuracte sequence , as you may see below.
  10. I am using hook to fetch product details. But while debuging I see the products array has a muliple copies of same product with different currency, (means same product has different index in array for different currencies.) So It display same product table multiple time for multiple currency. like this
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