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  1. Hello, we've update our Whmcs from 7.10 to 8.1.3 we find out that new version might not support the ex auto-preinstalled ResellerClub module for SiteLock - GodeGuard services now we have only the RClub SSl Certificate option, is there any solution for this issue? NOTE: We mention about the old inside ready module for preinstalled ResellerClub for SiteLock - GodeGuard and not the market connect solution or the RCum-Mods Modules. Thank you in advance
  2. This is not the case as for SSL there is the option (and for most cases exist the) "I will use my own domain" we always speak for domain search lookup ( as like this one which is still working for old modern template)
  3. Hello, as you might know the block existing domain function do not work even in the last version of WHMCS we try to find any hook concerning to this function so before domain lookup search start running into "products - add domain" first to check if this domain exist into our db but we wasn't find any into our community, if any one knows any similar hook or any other solution for this case it will be huge help for us (and might for many other WHMCS users) As for PHP - PHP already is on 7.2.8 version does any knows if we upgrade to PHP latest vesrion we shall face any problem now we are on PHP 7.2.7 and all seems that it's working. Thank you in advance
  4. As for Kian post, many of those you mention are in the right way as every EU country have it's own TAX and VAT rules and also other countries as USA, India etc. have their own very restrict rules so we all agree that invoicing and how we use them and mainly how WHMCS setup acts it's a very sensitive matter so WHMCS staff must be well informed (at first) before the act and they decide for us. Also WHMCS staff and many EU citizens users must know and understand that the new GDPR EU rule (and in general The EU Personal Data Protection for citizens-countries under Schengen Agreement) have nothing to do with accounting, It's other matter to do not sending promo mails to your clients if they don't want or to processing their personal data without their acceptance or to sold them-their data without their acceptance and it's totally different accounting issues, We Don't Have The Right To Delete Any Kind Of Data Concerning To Commercial Transactions even for active or inactive or canceled or fraud - clients or orders or ..... or ...... we don't have any right to touch these data, specially not to delete them or to change them or ...... so and at the end ju5t have a big right for his notices You are totally wrong and not only you but also and mainly WHMCS Staff who play with EU Regulations, Directives, Orders and Aggrements because every one who wants to sell any kind of product or service into EU territory obligates to follow not only EU Rules but also every country's local rules!!! END!!! Do you believe that you can create a car today and you can sell it tomorrow into EU, No my friend and the same exist for any product or service do not forget that every WHMCS actions have impact to all 35.000 (as they mention) WHMCS users-buyers and to their-our clients about 100.000.000??? and this responsibilities WHMCS can't take them away. None of these 2 options, If your document TITLE mentioning Invoice then VAT is chargreable on the month of the date which invoice issued, the only way, (to avoid this and any VAT obligation so to wait if your client will pay for this service), is if your title mentioning Proforma Invoice.
  5. Thank you Brian for your tip it's working, we use 7.5.2 now but we had this problem with all of ex-WHMCS version. Any way we solved with your tip so once again thank you.
  6. Hello ju5t, At first we are in business as a company (Group) more than 20 years and we had face almost all VAT issues etc. Now as for Please try to understand, if your Title mention Proforma this is not creates you any VAT obligation or to inform your local TAX authorities but if your document mentioning Invoice, (paid or unpaid- it's not the case), this is an official TAX document and there is no any relation if you provide the service or if this invoice will be paid or not from your client and you are obligate to inform your local TAX for it. I suggest you to ask your accountant for this so to clarify to you which is the difference between Proforma Invoice and Invoice Yes you are right with it, and we find out this lastly, this is a great issue-problem because not only EU and Local TAX-VAT rules do not allowed it but also creates you huge penalty cost and crime issues. Also WHMCS have to solve this and learn that we in EU we don't have any right to change or even to add a dot on any kind of invoices active-official one or canceled if we do that or WHMCS auto systems do that, this also creates us (into EU) huge penalty cost and crime issues. How we solve this ? by our accounting dept. which backup - follow up all of our e-actions and creates the needed documentations, of course we speak about a huge work which accounting dept comes to cover but this is WHMCS.......... Yes you are right.
  7. Hello, when we offer a free domain option into any of our hosting plans WHMCS pre-ready view setup giving into one line all TLDs which we offer and this is a dynamic field which expant this line for as many TLDs we offer, we had try to find where is the css so to change it or we try other code ways or to add a table or... but we haven'y find a solution for it, see screen Thank you in advance
  8. A Proforma Invoice it's common international commercial way to issue it for a service or product which do not creates you any VAT obligation, it might include-have VAT Cost but if this proforma never paid by your client do not creates you any VAT obligation (to inform your local TAX authorities and pay-transfer to them the VAT amount) and it's common among all EU countries. So in this case WHMCS it's working fine for us and cover our needs because a proforma invoice it's not an official one EU commercial document. It will be official only if it will be paid by the client and then you have the obligation to reverse it into a paid invoice and pay-transfer invoice VAT cost to the local TAX authorities in which you or your company landed. WHMCS system-setup act also right in this case as when a client pay a proforma invoice system can auto reverse it in an official invoice which is the right way-order under EU rules. If you issue an Unpaid Invoice, this is a very sensitive case because if you change the WHMCS Title from Proforma to Unpaid or as simple Invoice, then you obligate to pay the VAT cost to your local authorities and there is no any relation if your client pay this invoice or not, an Unpaid Invoice it's an official EU Document and you have to pay the VAT to your local TAX authorities. The only problem which we face with WHMCS it's that, when a proforma invoice paid by a client and WHMCS change it into an official paid invoice, (the new official one), keeps the date in which the proforma issued and this is a problem because if a proforma issued into lets say into April and client pay it into May this is big problem, because as far we know into at least 2 EU countries in which we have offices these countries obligate us to give a monthly VAT report and pay on a monthly base the difference between VAT incomes-outcomes. Hope all above it helps.
  9. Hello, We've made the mistake to upgrade our WHMCS to 7.5.1 as we thought so that some old issues will be solved by last version, so last 3 months now we trying to solve them with many tickets to WHMCS Support Team but as usual nada... 1. The inside Email Registrar Module do not work so for any fixen domains (own one - as like .subdomain.com), system search-lookup do not check them (even when there is a hosting plan with this domain (as like test.subdomain.com), this module was working fine if I can recall till V6.3 and 7.1 (please don't ask what replies we took from WHMCS Suport) 2. The main thing is that the domain lookup -search do not check in V7.5.1 database for already registered domains or even if there is any hosting plan with domain, for 3 months now we taking same answer from WHMCS "we shall solve this issue into one of our next edition"!!! we've try anything which we know to solve it but .... the code exist into domainoptions.tpl but it seems that it's not working, {if $invalid} <div class="domain-checker-result-headline domain-checker-unavailable"> {if $reason} {$reason} {else} {$LANG.cartdomaininvalid} {/if} </div> {elseif $alreadyindb} <div class="domain-checker-result-headline domain-checker-unavailable"> {$LANG.cartdomainexists} </div> {else} we check also script.min.js or we try to add this code to execute it first and before any other check-code into adddomain.tpl or into configureproduct but we haven't any success so after 3 months we need your help to find a way to by pass this issue Thank you in advance, Regards.
  10. It's not only WHMCS because if you use also some 15 WHMCS Modules then.....
  11. Thank you Brian for you info and for your good news, we haven't upgrade till now to 7.5.0. or 7.5.1 because any new WHMCS have bugs which most times appearing after clients use so we waiting from WHMCS to fix them and then we upgrading to a stable version, in any way we shall download the 7.5.1 and we'll compare both of them and who knows we might find the code which is missing from 7.4.2 Thank you again
  12. Hello we have lastly a lot of fake domain transfer orders even with our master domain name, when they order any hosting plan and system redirect them to domain choose page they proceed with the transfer option they setting our master domain and systems output result is that "Your domain is eligible for transfer" this is happening also with other domains even these domain are only registered or even are registered with a hosting plan! The problem must be somewhere in .js files We still use 7.4.2 version Thank you in advance
  13. 1. We had inform them about it with a tocket, they get inside..., then they ask do make our on cron, then to take log, then to .... and then to upoload, and then to .............................. and after ...... and they had all time full access to server (they believe that we have no any other thing-work to do but running after them, so we let it go and we shall try by our own to solve it. 2. OOOHHH, we thought so that categories will acting also as function-option if clients want to make a specific category search and not checking all TLDs, we forgot that such kind of functions for WHMCS developers are like when NASA will develop-create their new rocket for next Galaxy Trip.!!!!!!
  14. Once again thank you, Brian!!! As for, 1. Cron works fine we have only this issue (we believe till now). If we disable Affiliate Report then clients will not get this info, any way we might proceed to disable it. 2. We have find out this, as we in meantime we had rename the base.js and scripts .js and and domain search page was there so we finger that scripts.min.js are now the only one js which it's working, if we follow yours edit scripts.js, minify it and then overwrite scripts.min.js with it. we shall not have any other issues-malfuntions as scripts.min.js we believe that having inside in it's code more text funtions-code than the simple script.js. 3. No, we have the opposite from that our friends ask for, into our environment categories do not work it's all ways showing all TLDs (even as you say it's old and stupid). It's some kind of help for our clients if they want to check a specific category. We had sceck domainregister.tpl we shall see the entries-code again. As for https://docs.whmcs.com/WHMCS_7.1_Asset_Changes Wow!!! most of this files are still into our directories ........ 4. The main reason for which we upgrade our WHMCS it was this one and 5.case and we have to redirect back to modern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of our last months template modifications was based on SIX and standard_cart as you know the good working modern template it's working in it's own environment template and not cooperates with the rest order templates premium_comparison etc. !@*%^$#@............. 5. Email Registrar Module.... Thank you Brian!.
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