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Tom Wilson

Formatting Knowledgebase articles better

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Is there a way to increase the line spacing between bullet points? Also, I have selected text to display as bold but it is not.



That looks nice and I want it to look like that (that is in the editor in the admin panel), but the version shown to users is:


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You probably need to edit the bootstrap CSS files. If you are overwriting the user side with your own customization/themes, its taking the formatting from those files.

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would ideally need to see the site, but you should be able to do it in custom.css... for example, in Six you could use the following css to change the font color in the ordered bullet lists..

.kb-article-content ol li {color:red !important;}

now I know you're not wanting to change the color (which you could do on the admin side anyway), but it's just an example of specifying the bullet lists css used with a kb page - perhaps playing with the list-style would help...

.kb-article-content ol li {list-style-position: outside !important;}

but it might be more of an issue caused by the font used in your theme and your css classes may be different to those used in Six.

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