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  1. Tom Wilson

    Add manual Affiliates

    Hello A client is activated as an Affiliate, they referred someone who we signed up manually so it did not register that the Affiliate has had a sign up. Any way of adding this manually?
  2. Hello I have a bank transfer payment gateway set up. I want it so if this is the chosen payment method it sends them an email informing them on how to pay it. Any one know how?
  3. Tom Wilson

    Configurable Options

    Hello! We've added a 'Configurable Options' section which asks the user the type of cPanel they would like, one being standard and one being a stripped down version. I can't seem to make it so this configurable option actually changes anything though? Depending on their selection here I want to give the customer a different WHM package, is this possible? Thanks!
  4. Hello! Is there a way to remove the attachment box when creating a ticket if it's being created for department x? Thanks Tom
  5. Tom Wilson

    Output tickets

    Hey! We're currently building a new help centre (inside of the WHMCS environment) and I would like to do the following: if user has a ticket that's marked as anything, but closed then output some html code. Is this possible? Thanks!
  6. Tom Wilson

    remove .php

    It's award indeed, but it does the job! I'm going to use this. Thanks!
  7. Hey I've used the below multiple times on other sites and it works, but on WHMCS it does not, any advise on how to remove .php? So you can just navigate to /hosting instead of /hosting.php? RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}\.php -f RewriteRule ^([^\.]+)/$ $1.php RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}\.html -f RewriteRule ^([^\.]+)/$ $1.html
  8. Tom Wilson

    remove .php

    Hi Stephen it would be great if this is pushed out quicker, it just seems messy to tell customers “for more information visit www.example.com/about.php” - just to say about without the extension is a lot more corporate and friendly.
  9. Hello We would like to restrict the Weebly website builder page for customers who have 'product x' activated in their account. Is this possible? Thanks
  10. Tom Wilson

    Restrict page for certain service

    You're amazing, thank you!
  11. Tom Wilson

    Restrict page for certain service

    Do you know how to write this haha?
  12. Hello, I am having a few issues with my domain page, I want to remove: So in custom.css I put: .tld-filters { display: none; } But it still shows. Any help will be appreciated!
  13. Tom Wilson

    Output client name

    Hello! I'd like to add some text into a page inside WHMCS saying "Hello, <client first name>' - is this possible? If so, how? Thank you 🙂
  14. Hello! Our current hosting provider is causing us some issues with crons (all been investigated with WHMCS and we agree it's best to move to a VPS). Which of the below do you guys recommend, or do you know of any decent providers? Ensuring the server is located in the UK. Thanks !
  15. I get this a lot too, even though the password is correct.
  16. Tom Wilson

    Domain Page Issues

    Hi .featured-tld .price.io { background-color: #3AA140; color: #3aa140; p { color: #ffffff; }; } and I see:
  17. Tom Wilson

    Cart view to page

    Hello! I've created a custom page for web hosting , however, when you go to Store and then Web Hosting, it goes to the cart grid view. How do I make it go to the page? Thanks!
  18. Tom Wilson

    Cart view to page

    Thank you! Now I wan to add Web Hosting back to the Store drop, how do I do this?
  19. Tom Wilson

    MarketConnect store pages

    Hello I am trying to change some text on the Store pages so it's English, not American English, for example it says "Organization", not "Organisation". I've replaced all American spelt words in the language file, but some still show on the Market store's actual page, see screenshot: Any ideas?
  20. Tom Wilson

    Accounting Software

    Hey! We are finding it difficult to manage our accounting, this is because we use Stripe for payments, which take a fee of each payment, we use Xero for our accounting software but this does not take into account Stripe's processing fee. Do any of you have recommendations for what to use? Thanks!
  21. Tom Wilson

    Accounting Software

    Hi yes we did use that, but it does not take into account Stripe's processing fee. We don't use PayPal, simply because their transaction fees are much higher than Stripe.
  22. Tom Wilson

    Domain Page Issues

    and text? p { color: #ffffff; } does not work
  23. Hello, Is there a way to increase the line spacing between bullet points? Also, I have selected text to display as bold but it is not. E.g: That looks nice and I want it to look like that (that is in the editor in the admin panel), but the version shown to users is:
  24. Tom Wilson

    Domain Page Issues

    Thanks! How would I edit the color of the price part? Not sure what to put in custom.css exactly.
  25. Tom Wilson

    WHMCS + Freshdesk issues

    Hi, The save button for server information is just stuck on spinning. I have click test connection and it all works - any ideas how to fix this?

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