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  1. Tom Wilson

    cPanel - charge for using SSL

    Hi, It is possible to do it via the feature manager within WHM so am wondering instead of changing the web hosting package in Modules settings - is it possible to just change the feature manage based on an addon?
  2. Tom Wilson

    cPanel - charge for using SSL

    We also want to do this with the backup manager.
  3. Tom Wilson

    cPanel - charge for using SSL

    Hello, We want to add the option to allow customers to use cPanel's AutoSSL feature at an additional cost. This would, therefore, switch the customer to another plan within WHM, is this possible? Thanks
  4. Hi all, Hoping someone can help - not sure if it's theme related or an issue with 7.9 so I would appreciate any advice. When paying by credit/debit card (using Stripe) when using an existing card it says 'no such PaymentMethod: pm_xxxxxxx' when using a new card it says 'No such customer: cus_xxxxx' EDIT: Looks like a few customers were deleted from Stripe - not sure why it looks like whmcs sent the request. Thanks
  5. Tom Wilson

    Direct Debit

    Thanks. Is it possible to only show certain payment gateways on certain products? For example, I only want GoCardless to show if it's the Pay as You Go service. Thanks
  6. Tom Wilson

    Direct Debit

    Add int this, When you do enter an IBAN it says 'The type `sepa_debit` is not a valid source type.'
  7. Tom Wilson

    Direct Debit

    Hi, It has the same error. But the form asks for an IBAN? Does it not support UK-based sort-code and account number?
  8. Tom Wilson

    Usage-based invoice not being generated

    Fixed. Issue: as it was a free account no invoice is made, now it's a monthly account for £0.00 per month (but invoices usage-based)
  9. Hi, We have a free web hosting account called 'Pay as you go' which is a free service. Within this we then charge per email account etc... I created a test one and it has 3 email accounts (£1 each), this shows it in the client area, and admin area. But when clicking the 'invoice selected items' it says that no invoices were generated? This used to work. Any idea? Thanks
  10. Tom Wilson

    Direct Debit

    Hi @WHMCS John I get the following error: Invoice ID => 8800 User ID => 1 Amount => 0.93 gatewayId => currency => GBP message => Invalid Remote Token For Gateway:
  11. Tom Wilson

    Direct Debit

    Just enabled Stripe SEPA and getting this error: The bank account details you entered were declined. Please try a different account or contact support.
  12. Tom Wilson

    Direct Debit

    Hi We enabled the direct debit gateway, but does not seem to actually do anything? How do we set this up? The success message shows: Offline Credit Card Payments are processed manually.You will receive confirmation by email once your payment has been processed.
  13. Tom Wilson

    VPN page not working

    My error - don't worry
  14. Hi, Anyone else's VPN page not working? Just shows a blank page..
  15. Hi, We've got it set so a certain staff group cannot list clients, and we have the support pin module installed so staff can only view clients if they have provided the support pin. But I want to make it an option where staff can also search by email, any ideas? Thanks

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