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Site offline 4 days after purchasing six month update subscription - all customer sites auto-suspended in seconds!!!

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 I purchased a six month subscription for services and updates for days ago in preparation for GPDR.

After downloading WHMCS 7.5.1, and upgrading to the latest versions of PHP, IonCube, and MariaDB, I upgraded to the latest version of WHMCS, and it got botched, so I opened trouble ticket #KXY-687063

Joshua Stanford, Technical Analyst I, tended to my support request. I've responded to that ticket several times with no further response, and finally, after thinking that I successfully completed the upgrade, I get this message:

I've been a WHMCS customer since February 2012, more than six years. It was bad enough that you ignored me after I botched my upgrade the day after I purchased my six month support plan, but you left me hanging without a word for two more days and then I find out you've erased my purchase transaction from your system - ( I HAVE MY RECEIPTS AND BANK STATEMENTS!!! ) But to make things worse... now that my install has finished ALL of my customer's cPanel sites were ceremoniously autosuspended a few minutes ago because of this!!!

Imagine this - you complete the upgrade for something you have paid for and HUNDREDS OF YOUR HOSTING CUSTOMERS HAVE THEIR SITES TURNED OFF in a matter of seconds!!!!

I don't know what Joshua Stanford did, or why, but I want it fixed ASAP.

As respectfully as I am able to ask, and boy..... I'm really biting my tongue here, please repair my account and place it back in good standing.


Bradley D. Thornton


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4 hours ago, tallship said:

But to make things worse... now that my install has finished ALL of my customer's cPanel sites were ceremoniously autosuspended a few minutes ago because of this!!!

A license dispute took clients Cpanel access on the servers down, and not just access to your WHMCS installation?

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Not a dispute. Some kind of fubar in the client center's licensing module or something. I dunno. I just woke up, and did receive a response saying that the subscription has been fixed but for some reason I still can't login. I guess the support team is working on it now.

Judging by the emails I've received, it's only a some sites of clients, but I've received some phone calls about having charged some people, which I'll need to reverse or credit accounts, and none of that is something I wouldn't be able to attend to if I could just get past that licensing error page. Customers can login, and do their thing, I just can't attend to administrative matters.

This is really nerve racking.

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Thanks John!

Heard back from Lawrence and he passed on that info.

Whatever the charges and suspensions were about were certainly on my end, and I'm looking forward to fixing those issues and eating crow with the customers as soon as I can access the admin login.

Once again, thank you so much for your assistance in this matter, as well as your team!

Kindest regards,


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