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Moving WHCMS content to other directory using only Cpanel

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Hello to everyone,


I am a Hostgator client and I am having issues with WHCMS, I am new to WHCMS so please be patient :). these are the facts about my issue:


- During first days of January 2017: WHCMS gets blocked our access to the admin area of our account.


- After communicating with Hostgator team we have been told:

"That the license check is expecting a specific response and failing due to not receiving it. Checking the installation, it appears to be severely out of date (3.8.1 when the most recent is 7.1.1). Since it is no longer possible to update the current installation without being able to log in first, we suggest generating a full backup and then re-installing your WHMCS and restoring the backup"

(At this point we had no access to WHMCS, so we could not make the back-up following the WHMCS instructions, which required access to the WHMCS admin area, so we could only make a Full Cpanel Back-up instead).


- I have made a new WHMCS installation with a recent version, using Quick install and the same license used for the old version. The new installation was made at the same server, located in a different directory.


- As the back-up was made using Cpanel, I am not sure about how to restore the Cpanel back-up to the new installation of WHCMS. I think the problem is that a full migration of the old WHCMS installation to the new directory can not be done directly, because they are different versions and the old version is disabled.


- So I can only access Cpanel and migrate the content manually, but I am not quite sure about what files or steps should be considered in this case.


Any help would be really Appreciated.



Please help,


Best regards,



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After several Attempts to move the content from the old version to the new one between the 2 directories I am kind like frustrated.


By using phpmyadmin, I would like to know if there are specific tables (that include clients, products and similar content) in the data base of WHCMS that can be directly copied to the data base of the new WHCMS version installed, regardless the different WHCMS versions.


Any help or idea is well received.





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it might be worth contacting Reseller Support as they'll be able to advise on upgrading from v3.8.1 to v7.1.1 - you won't need to login to open a ticket with them. :idea:

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Access to the WHMCS admin area is not required to perform an upgrade, so you can upgrade directly to the latest version by following the Full Release Version instructions here: http://docs.whmcs.com/Upgrading#For_a_Full_Release_Version


This is the simplest way to go and all your data will be maintained.



If you'd like to get your old WHMCS database upgraded to the latest v7.1 schema, follow these steps:


  • Edit the configuration.php file in the 7.1 installation to point to the 3.8 database
  • Download the 7.1.2 full release version file from http://download.whmcs.com
  • Upload the /install directory to your new WHMCS installation
  • Visit your admin area - you will be prompted to perform an upgrade
  • Follow the upgrade process through to completion


This will update your 3.8 database with all your data and settings to 7.1.2 (ie. latest).

As always, before making changes to databases, please backup.

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