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WHMCS & OpenSRS Connection Issues


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Hi Everyone,

I have moved servers recently and i am now unable to connect to OpenSRS anymore. I have got the host to open all the relevant ports and i have added the IP's to the API but keep getting the following error "There was a problem connecting to the domain registry. Please check port 43 is open in your servers firewall."


Any ideas?





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  • WHMCS Support Manager


It sounds like you're getting this error when trying to check a domain's availability, rather than when trying to connect to OpenSRS.


Please ensure that port 43 is open in your server firewall for whois lookups to go through.

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Hi John,

My host is telling me that port 43 is open and the error is still coming up. Due to my site being hosted on a shared environment i cannot confirm myself. Is there a way i can send something the host to prove or disapprove the port is open and they can paste me the output on support ticket?





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try uploading the test PHP script from the page below...




then try the URL below (changing yourdomain.com) in your browser to see if it can access the whois servers...



all being well, you should see a successful output (the whois record) in the browser - if you don't, then that would imply port 43 is closed.


i've tried it on shared hosting previously as a test to see if port 43 is open or not.

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Could you let me know the exact line in the script that is querying the remote system/WHOIS please? As my current host is asking because we both can't get the test script to work.

well there isn't exactly one line that queries the whois, it's a series of functions that come together in the final piece of code...


if($domain != "")
   if($server != "")
       echo "<pre>" . do_whois($domain, $server) . "</pre>";
       echo "<pre>" . domain_whois($domain) . "</pre>";

when you say it doesn't work, you mean it states that it can't connect to the whois server, or it doesn't give any error at all?


try it without specifying a whois server...



your host should be able to use telnet to see if port 43 is open.

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