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Free Hook: Auto-Check your customer details

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Do you have registrations or request with fake details ?


Or you just want to have your data well updated ?


Just uploading this file into your hook folder it will check send and alert to your customers if they dont have :

  1. Dont have A good Zip code
  2. Dont have A phone number
  3. Dont have any other data you want to have always filled as customer (customizable)


This is not a hook to avoid register or request a service, it checks all your customer database and send them an alert to each one.




  1. Upload below file to /includes/hooks/updatecustomer.php
  2. Customer an Template email called "CRM - Customer data"

Thats all.


function updatecustomer_sendclientmail() 
 # Template file name
 $emailtpl = "CRM - Customer data";
 # API Command
 $command = 'SendEmail';
 # Admin Username or ID
 $adminuser = "youradminuser";  //<--ENTER HERE YOUR ADMIN USER
 $adminid = "1";
 #todos pending.
$laquery = mysql_query('SELECT * FROM  `tblclients` WHERE  STATUS NOT IN (\'Closed\',\'Inactive\') and (`address1` =\'\' or `phonenumber` =\'\' or `postcode` =  \'\') ');
 #make array
 while ($result = mysql_fetch_assoc($laquery)) 
	 $id = $result['id']; 
	 $values = array('messagename' => $emailtpl,'customtype' => $general, 'id' => $id,);
	 $apiresults = localAPI($command,$values,$adminuser);
	 logActivity("CRM - Envio $emailtpl a $id - $userid - $email - fin");

add_hook('DailyCronJob', 2, 'updatecustomer_sendclientmail');


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