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Domain search bug

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When a customer goes to search for a domain, this person has the option to tick the extension, for example .com, net, etc., but if that customer do not select a extension the result picks the ".com" only. My problem here is, the result shows the ".com" extension twice. For example if I search for "anydomomain" without selecting the extension this is my result: "anydomain.com.com ¡is already registered!"


As you can see it shows the extension twice.


Is there any way to fix that?, so my customers don't get confused.


I have attached a pic.


Thank you.


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I can reproduce this issue in domainchecker.tpl from "Portal" and "Classic", but couldn't in "Default" - and that lead to finding the solution.


the problem is caused by Portal, Classic and possibly your template, using the wrong variable when outputting the response - they use {$domain} whereas "Default" uses {$sld} - the difference is that {$domain} will show "anydomain.com.com",; and {$sld} will show "anydomain.com".


in Default, domainchecker.tpl uses the following line...


<p class="fontsize3 domcheckersuccess textcenter">{$LANG.domainavailable1} <strong>{$sld}{$ext}</strong> {$LANG.domainavailable2}</p>

the equivalent in Portal is...


<p align="center" class="textgreen" style="font-size:18px;">{$LANG.domainavailable1} <strong>{$domain}{$ext}</strong> {$LANG.domainavailable2}</p>

if you examine your domainchecker.tpl file, I would assume that is it using {$domain}{$ext} - if you replace it with {$sld}{$ext} - it should fix the issue you are seeing.


hopefully one of the WHMCS guys will spot this thread and make the appropriate changes to portal and classic for the next update.

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