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  1. ocastaned

    Help with SSL URL

    I am using WHMCS Versión: 7.9.1. You can download the file here: http://cloud2.zoolz.com/s-hVCwX26f
  2. ocastaned

    Help with SSL URL

    I used both and for some reason it didn't work. I am currently using group 5 for my certificates page in WHMCS where I want to redirect customers. So I think the value I put nin the code should be fine. Is there any way I can send you both files scripts.js and scripts.min.js and you help me with the edits. Just in case I can pay for that.
  3. ocastaned

    Help with SSL URL

    Thank you, I think I found the file to edit at templates/six/js/scripts.min.js. Now my problem is, where am I supposed to put the URL when I want my customer to be redirected. I just see this code below, but I am not sure where to put that URL.
  4. ocastaned

    Help with SSL URL

    Thank you, but I am afraid that method doesn't work any more for WHMCS 7.9.1.
  5. ocastaned

    error with payment gateway

    Forget it guys I just found the error. I had to remove all files from the old payment gateway. That apparently fixed the error.
  6. ocastaned

    error with payment gateway

    I disabled First Data gateway module to activate instead stripe. Before I disabled First Data I selected Stripe as default payment gateway, but now when my customers want to make a payment, they see this error: Error: Gateway Module "firstdatae4" Not Activated Please help.
  7. ocastaned

    Help with SSL URL

    Int the services tab customer's side section in WHMCS next to each active service there is a lock showing customer their site doesn't have a SSL certificate, as you can see on this screenshot below, but when customer clicks that icon is taken to this page below that I don't know where is coming from. I would like to be able to redirect my customer to a another customized URL I have. Thank you for your help. This is where my customers are redirected when click the no secure lock in their accounts:
  8. ocastaned

    Help with recurring payments

    Actually that guide worked. I disabled the old payment processor and I chose stripe as a replacement. Thank you.
  9. I am currently using a gateway for recurring payments, but I need to remove it because fees are too expensive. I just activated Stripe, but I am not sure how to make Stripe to continue taken recurring payments as the old processor. I just tried and apparently customer has to enter manually their CC again. The old gateway was taking payments CC stored in customer's account.
  10. Me gustaria alguna recomendacion para recibir pagos en efectivo en México y de ser posible también en Colombia, pero que exista un módulo para WHMCS compatible con PHP 7.2 o superior. Agradeceria su ayuda.
  11. Can someone tell me the benefits of installing WHMCS in a subdomain? I have seen several people using it that way, but I am not sure if there is a good reason for that? I am asking this question because I haven't been able to update my hosting account to PHP 7.2. I am still on 5.6. The reason is because I am using some WHMCS modules that are not compatible with PHP 7.2. The problem here is that my main site is loading very slow. I was planning on installing WHMCS in a subdomain with PHP 5.6 (until a find a solution) and update my main site to PHP 7.2.
  12. A mi me ha pasado y la razón han sido estas dos opciones. 1) El dominio ya existe en tu sistema en alguna cuenta CPanel como add-on o tal vez en una cuenta hosting independiente. 2) No tienes esas extensiones a la venta. Usualmente tienes que agregarlas.
  13. ocastaned

    Help with sorting unpaid invoices WHMCS

    Thank you, I think I need to continue testing, because it does that with some accounts, but with other works fine.
  14. Everything was working fine before, but since a few weeks ago every time I want to check how many unpaid invoices a customer has, the sorting of WHMC puts those invoices in the bottom of the page, as you can see on this scvreenshot: http://bit.ly/3boaovA I know that I can sort that section manually, but this problem is happening with all accounts, and as I told you, It was working fine before. I don't know what changed. I am currently using WHMCS 7.8.3. Thank you.

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