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  1. I have been receiving some chargebacks lately from one specific country. I would like to know how can I block people from that country to place new orders. Thank you. WHMCS Version: 7.7.1.
  2. ocastaned

    Help translating mm/yy

    Thank you so much. It worked fine.
  3. ocastaned

    Help translating mm/yy

    I only created the override file for Spanish language. Just to be clear. Am I going to put this code line below into the Spanish override file? <input type="tel" name="ccexpirydate" id="inputCardExpiry" class="field" placeholder="{if $language eq "spanish"}MM/AA{else}MM / YY{/if}{if $showccissuestart} ({$LANG.creditcardcardexpires}){/if}" autocomplete="cc-exp"> I already put it, but I am seeing an error in my site. On the other hand, If I am going to add that line to "my template" as you mention before, I would like to know which file in my template directory am I going to add it? I am currently using "Six" template.
  4. ocastaned

    Help translating mm/yy

    I already have created an overrides files, but I am seeing most of the lines starts with "$_LANG[" as you can see on this screesnhot: https://bit.ly/2UvgDEW I am not sure if I should put all the line you just gave me or a different one?
  5. ocastaned

    Help translating mm/yy

    I need some help translating "mm/yy" during the checkout process to Spanish. This is a screensot: https://bit.ly/2HaNBaA
  6. ocastaned

    Help customizing invoices

    I don't think it is working. What I want is service username is included in the email notification customer received each month to pay their invoice.
  7. ocastaned

    Help customizing invoices

    I need some help to figure it out how can I include a service user into an invoice. I have several radio streaming plans. One of them is called: Centova Cast PRO. My customer has 5 of those services, but she would like to know which user is the invoice she is paying for. In conclusion, how can I include a service user into a generated radio streaming invoice, so she can know which service she is paying for. I tried to include this "User: {$service_username}" in the emails templates, but it didn't work. It doesn't show the user. Thank you for your help.
  8. I am not currently selling Weebly (I was before), but my customers are seeing it as a Product addon in WHMCS. I tried to remove the plans but I am unable because an error. I am seeing this message: http://captura.servidoresseguros.info/400f921be393 I understand I cannot delete a product is currently being used for a customer, but I don't want those plans to be shown to other customers.
  9. I appreciate it. It worked fine.
  10. Guys I need some help translating the text "Join our mailing list" customer sees during the purchase process into spanish language. This is a screenshot: http://captura.servidoresseguros.info/134b662b1c0a I already use an overrides file, but I was not able to find that text.
  11. All domains .ES and .COM.ES appears as available when many of them are already registered. My customers are ordering domains with that extension, but WHMCS is showing all searches for that extension as available. How can I fix it?
  12. I want to be able to charge Full Amount on Upgrade and also be able to upgrade same plan from monthly to annually. When my customer selects to upgrade his current plan he is not able to select the same plan to upgrade from month to month to annually. That plan is not available in the "upgrades" tab when I edit the product. I would like to offer a Black Friday coupon that they can use only when they upgrade to our annual plan, but apparently that is not possible. Please help. Thank you.
  13. My customers are unable to publish their Weebly sites because WHMCS is not creating a FTP user and password. Technically that section is empty after someone buys that single service. My question is, do a customer need a hosting service before buying Weebly to be able to publish? Thank you.
  14. UPDATE: actually I was able to remove it. I just went to General Settings>Products/Services>Product Addon. There I removed the option to show on order. Thank you so much. I don't want to disable it at all. I want to see it. I just want it to be shown on the sidebar. That is the only option I have on. This is a screenshot: http://captura.servidoresseguros.info/rGQT The problem is that it is showing to my customers during the order process (there is where I want to remove it), as you can see on this other screenshot: http://captura.servidoresseguros.info/rGJN

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