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  1. Hello, I need some help to change the color of all "payment pending" text in WHMCS. I am getting confused because it is same color than "complete orders". Here a screenshot: https://sersegu.com/jh4z8n.png Thank you.
  2. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the update. I'll wait for the release.
  3. So what's the one to send customer Centova login URL?
  4. How can I know which accounts has been terminated by my daily cron job? I usually receive a notification about several task the cron job has completed, but I am not able to know which accounts has been canceled or terminated. Is there anyway to see that info in WHMCS?
  5. I need some help to edit the Shoutcast welcome email. The template that comes in WHMCS shows this: Domain: {$service_domain}Username: {$service_username}Password: {$service_password} The problem here is that "{$service_domain}" is not the right option for shoutcast (centovacast) orders. Usually radio streaming services does not have a domain. So when customer receives the login credentials "{$service_domain}" shows just blank.
  6. I am sorry I was sick, and I come back online today. Apparently the file has been deleted.
  7. What it should be the permissions for the Cron file in WHMC S? I currently have 644 for "crons/cron.php" but I am not sure if that is correct. My WHMCS version is 7.9.2. Thank you.
  8. I need some help translating some "view ticket" section into spanish, as you can see on this image: I already created my override file into spanish, but I am not sure what to put there to translate that above. Also if possible, I need to translate this other section: Thank you guys in advance. Note: I am currently using WHMCS version 7.9.2.
  9. I am using WHMCS Versión: 7.9.1. You can download the file here: http://cloud2.zoolz.com/s-hVCwX26f
  10. I used both and for some reason it didn't work. I am currently using group 5 for my certificates page in WHMCS where I want to redirect customers. So I think the value I put nin the code should be fine. Is there any way I can send you both files scripts.js and scripts.min.js and you help me with the edits. Just in case I can pay for that.
  11. Thank you, I think I found the file to edit at templates/six/js/scripts.min.js. Now my problem is, where am I supposed to put the URL when I want my customer to be redirected. I just see this code below, but I am not sure where to put that URL.
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