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  1. I accidentally edited the Shoutcast email template in WHMCS. Is there any way to get it back as it was before or on the other hand download that template again? Updated version if possible. Thank you.
  2. Can I use "WP Super Cache" for Wordpress without affecting WHMCS? I have WHMCS is installed in a directory called "customers", but in my main domain will be Wordpress with that plugin. Thank you.
  3. ocastaned

    Help customizing stripe checkout form

    Thank you I just changed "Fecha de expiración" to ""Expiración" and it worked fine. Now I need help changing "YY" to "AA". I am not sure where to find the file I need to edit.
  4. I just activated Stripe gateway in WHMCS, but the form during the checkup process looks ugly, as you can see on this screenshot: is there anyway to make it look better? I have other payment gateways that shows something like this below. It looks better. Also, if possible, I would like to change "YY" to "AA" because my site is in spanish language. Stripe is the only one showing it that way. Thank you.
  5. How am I supposed to see the results?
  6. I am looking for a company to help me to update WHMCS to PHP 7.2, and making sure everything works fine. I already updated my hosting to PHP 7.2, but immediately I make the change WHMCS stops working showing this error below, so I always have to go back to PHP 5.6: https://imgur.com/wQzFmvF Also, I tried to update all my WHMCS modules, but same result. I am currently using around 4 payment modules and developers have confirmed they are ready for PHP 7.2. I can provide updated downloads. I also host a Wordpress site (my main site) in the same hosting account with WHMCS, but I don't have any problems with WP. WHMCS is within a separate directory. I would like to get an estimate about this job, and if possible, avoid down times in my site. Thank you.
  7. A customer is asking me how can he download all his invoices at once in WHMCS . He doesn't want to download one by one. Is there any way to accomplish that? Thank you.
  8. ocastaned

    How to change the title of a menu in WHMCS

    Thank you so much.
  9. I just opened a support ticket in your site, to get that file, because I was not able to download it here.
  10. How can I change the title of a menu for something different? Screenshot: Thank you.
  11. I Just ran a PHP Version Compatibility in WHMCS because I am trying to update to PHP 7.2 version, but my results shows these 4 files below below are incompatible. Can someone help me to confirm if they are part of WHMCS? I need to know, before I delete them. I need to know if they are part of WHMCS or they are coming from a 3rd party module. includes/classes/WHMCS/Billing/Invoice/Item.php includes/classes/WHMCS/Billing/Payment/Transaction.php includes/hooks/whmcsservices.php modules/addons/project_management/reports/graph_project_tasks.php Thank you.
  12. ocastaned

    Help adding a menu to WHMCS

    Forget it guys. I just noticed there is a "see cart button for new customers. For logged customers I just see an "exit" button=, but I think that's ok.

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