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eNom SSL 'renewal' email reminder


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I've set up a few eNom SSL certificates as described in the documentation and the integration is working fairly well. They've been set up as one-time products as recommended by the docs:


Due to limitations in Enom's API, SSL certificates cannot be renewed. Therefore your clients will need to place a new order when the certificate period ends and it's due for renewal. This is why we recommend setting up as a one time product in WHMCS.


Which makes sense, given the limitations.


The problem that I'm encountering is when the certificate period ends; how does the client know what to do to buy a new one? Since it's not going to 'renew' in any normal manner, the product renewal emails are never sent (it's a one-time product, why would they be?). WHMCS doesn't know when it's going to expire, because it's a one-time product. The only place that records what length of certificate was purchased is the configurable option where the purchaser selects the number of years the certificate is valid for. However there's no system in WHMCS that I can find that taps into a configurable option to send an email indicating the expiry of the certificate and where to go to buy a new one.


This creates a gap in communications / logic for the full process of ordering, installing and 'renewing' eNom certificates.


Potential solutions that I've ruled out are:


1. Switching it from a one-time product to a specific length. This can't be done because...


The configurable option is supposedly the only way to specify the length of the certificate. Having the client select a particular renewal cycle will not affect the length of the certificate, thus creating problems simply in syncing the length of the cert with the renewal time. Also, when the cert comes up for renewal the client will get an email, but then like every other product it will also generate an invoice, which we don't want.


2. I can't set an auto-termination point on the product because the configurable options dictate the length of the cert, thus I can't have the product be fixed-length and then have it mismatch the client selected configurable option indicating the length of the cert.


Can anyone recommend a way to accomplish sending an email when an eNom cert is about to expire?


Also, as an aside, the cron job shown here is no longer accurate as of 5.1.2 what with the combined registrar sync cron: http://docs.whmcs.com/Enom#.ca_Registrations

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Someone told me that we should use email marketer to do this.


Thanks for the suggestion!


I don't really see how that works though. The email marketer doesn't know how many years the client has purchased of the SSL certificate. It could be anywhere from 1-5 years for our configuration. Yet the email marketer can only send an email after a fixed period of time. The days filter type option allows for:


- x days after order, or

- x days before next due date


The problem is that if it's a one-time product, then there is no next due date, so that *shouldn't* work (unless there's some magic here that WHMCS staff hasn't mentioned?). And of course we don't know how many days after the order to send the email. It could be ~350 or any multiple of that up to 5 depending on the num years ordered of the SSL cert.


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You could create an Email Marketer rule to automatically send an email say 360 days after ordering ie. 5 days before expiry (or any time you desired)




Don't mean to dig up an old thread here, but I'm having this exact problem, and the email marketer, as suggested above, does not work in this situation. As a poster mentioned above, the market cannot tell if the SSL is a 1-year or 5-year certificate.

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