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  1. Hopefully this kind of sad measures makes cPanel competition grow, and allow us to choose better alternatives in the future.
  2. Mind confirming if this works with latest WHMcs 7.7 and PHP 7.3? Does it involve overwriting the autorelease module or it's a folder added to addons directory?
  3. Good one @DewlanceHosting, It seems this has been requested before here. Upvoted!
  4. It seems search at the knowledgebase is done using POST, making it a little bit harder to link to specific searches, and tracking what people search with Google Analytics. This is what Google says about tracking POST searches, but I'm not sure if anyone else has done this. Knowing what people search at our help center can greatly help create more useful content, and helping clients help themselves.
  5. I'd love to know if there is an alternative for this as well. On the meantime, I'd advice everyone interested to vote here.
  6. Juanzo

    Does Marketplace works?

    Hopefully WHMcs marketplace keeps improving over time and reaches quality standards of other bigger, but not so focused marketplaces.
  7. Juanzo

    Does Marketplace works?

    I understand you might be asking for a developer's point of view, but as a consumer and WHMcs client for a couple of years already, I tend to trust modules at the official WHMcs marketplace.
  8. By looking at the Gateway log, I've found around 12 payments declined and 1 succesfull, so it seems WHMcs was right after all. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. We are using latest WHMcs with it's Stripe integration, and after a while, the first insufficient_funds payment error appeared at our account. A client made the payment, Stripe updated WHMcs and marked the invoice as paid, but later on, the payment was declined due to insufficient_funds, but WHMcs never found out. We contacted Stripe about this, to see if we could at least receive an email when this happens, but they pointed us to their webhooks, so ideally the official Stripe integration should have this. I could create a feature request, but first I wanted to know if anyone else had the same problem, and what was the approach to solve it.
  10. Juanzo

    Hide decimals from order form

    That worked perfectly well brian!, thank you very much!
  11. At our cloud slider order form, decimals make the price look bigger so we want to hide them. For example, the code used at the Cloud Slider order for is: jQuery("#priceTop").html(displayPrice); jQuery("#priceBottom").html(displayPrice); At this thread, gpw posted the following code to remove decimals: {$CODE|round|number_format} Any idea on how to apply this, or any other code, so that decimals are not shown at the order form?
  12. This addon works great, it makes ecommerce tracking much easier and it works perfectly well. Would be great if you included some small changelog inside your site, or update it at http://www.whmcs.com/appstore/3242/New-Google-Analytics-Universal-Analytics.html so us clients can know what changes your update has brought (like last 2.2.2).
  13. Juanzo

    Unpaid domain renewals being processed

    Just to confirm, Realtime Register has a fix for this since they are able to disable the synchronization of autorenew settings. You need to call the cron like this: modules/registrars/realtimeregister/cron/all.php?syncautorenew=0
  14. Juanzo

    Unpaid domain renewals being processed

    It seems this problem might be affecting several clients that might not be aware of this. If this happens with Enom as well, I believe a setting to disable "Autorenew" sync at WHMcs would solve this problems with any registrar. Do you agree, or is there any other simple workaround about this? I'll create a feature request if so.
  15. Juanzo

    Unpaid domain renewals being processed

    Thanks for the feedback brian. I didn't notice https://www.realtimeregister.com/faq#question3. I've just tested it and it disables autorenew for all domains without any trouble. I really like them as a registrar, and their WHMcs module works very well. Are you aware if Enom for example, or any other registrar, does not sync WHMcs autorenew with their setting? I believe this is the specific problem with it, since I understand WHMcs setting only determines if the renewal invoice will be generated.

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