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WHMCS OpenSRS Plugin - mod_opensrs table


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So I've imported existing domains per instructions here...


http://docs.whmcs.com/Importing_Data#Ma ... Only_Entry


It seems they imported fine but they're unable to sync with opensrs for any adjustments. This is evident from "response code: 415" errors when debugging, as well as multiple other indications. So of course I have everything up to date, running v5.0.3 of WHMCS with most recent PEAR and Crypt, all that good stuff.


It seems domains aren't entering into the table properly. The mod_opensrs table is there, although I'm not technically proficient enough in SQL syntax for figure out how to enter them manually. Does anyone else have an example of data entered into this table I could use as a template? Or maybe a query line I could use to insert the data? Any help would be appreciated.


Here's a screenshot...



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I have imported existing OpenSRS domains into WHMCS, but i've yet to register a domain via OpenSRS with it (still configuring!)


I've created the mod_opensrs table using the above SQL - so should I now be able to enter the OpenSRS username and password for each domain in the Clients Profile (in WHMCS Admin), or do I need to add it directly to the table via SQL.


adding the details directly via SQL works fine, but attempting to add them via the Clients Profile doesn't work.


i'm just wondering if there is a step I've missed, or whether I should be adding them directly manually to the table.

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I had the same problem. I created the mod_opensrs table as mentioned by John except I set domain field to primary key and varchar(255).


Added domain name manually to mod_opensrs table. Then entered username and password via client profile domains tab and clicked save and it worked fine updating the mod_opensrs table in the background.


Guess we shouldn't have to enter domain manually onto table before using WHMCS to add username and password. So is this a bug or are we doing something wrong ? :-)

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It's not a bug, it's a flaw with WHMCS. It would seem to me that if you entered a domain (via the manual process through "add-order") that when you edited the domain with Clients > Domain Registrations and entered a username/password and clicked "save" it would populate the mod_opensrs table, but it does not. You must manually add the domain, username and password to mod_opensrs before it will be viewable in the Domain Registrations area itself.


It would be nice if the domain form actually wrote to the mod_opensrs table. :-/

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krt is right, you have to enter it manually, well the last time I had an opensrs I did. I have gone round and round with opensrs about having un-encoded passwords in the table but they told me they have no other way of processing them and they cannot process them if they are encoded.


So it is not WHMCS which is at fault here so much other than the population of the table. The greater issue is with opensrs that we are sending non obfuscated passwords via post values which is very dangerous.

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