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Due Sync - Sync Domain Expiry Dates with Hosting Due Dates

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This is the first release of this module... a brief overview of what it can do for you:

The problem

Customers get an invoice for their expiring domain 30 days before it expires. The due date on the invoice is the expiry date. As a business should, they pay as late as possible... on the due date. They pay via bank draft/cheque. They don't clear for around a week or so. The domain has expired. A domain shark could have it by now...


The solution

Set the domain next due date X days before the expiry date. As far as the business knows, they pay on the due date. You, the web host still has X days to wait for a cleared payment. The money clears, and everyones happy...


Expanding the problem

What if the customer just paid for their domain, and a few days later, they get another invoice from you... this time for hosting. Not another bank charge you both say...


Well, if they had both their domain & hosting on the same invoice? Now that would be easier. Sync the domain next due date to X days before the expiry, sync the hosting next due date to to the same as the domain next due date and also sync the payment gateways. This way, WHMCS will add them to the same invoice... With the due date X days before the expiry date. Of course you don't have to set it X days before, but it makes life easier.


Due Sync - Explained

Due Sync will do all of this for you & your staff. If the due dates are within N days, it will do it automatically, else it will notify an admin to investigate it. If you don't trust it to auto sync, it can always notify admins of changes that need to be made.


This module has come from a real need. Firstly to group hosting account & domains onto one invoice & secondly to allow the banks time to clear the cheque, and prevent expired domains.


It is priced at £25 to buy & £15 every year after that. As with all my modules, it comes with unlimited support & updates. I have written it well & all is enclosed in a class. If you are intrested in the source, please email me @ josh@b-digital.biz and we can discuss that option.


Download Link Can Be Found Here.


It' simple to install, two files... upload them, navigate to Due Sync in WHMCS & enter your license key. Configure it and you're ready to go!


Any suggestions please feel free to let me know :)


Best regards,



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Feature list:




  1. It can auto sync the hosting due dates to the domain due date if they are X days apart. Otherwise an admin todo entry is created for admins of your choice. You can disable todo items if you wish...
  2. It can ignore certain services, products & clients.
  3. You can force it to always create todo items... in other words, it will just let you know when something needs changing, if you don't trust the module to do it.
  4. Domain due date offset - This is the number of days to set the domain due date before the expiry date...
  5. Option to sync payment method, either to the method of hosting or domain. WHMCS will only stick them on one invoice if the payment methods are the same.
  6. If auto sync is disabled, but a record needs to be synced, then it will be added to the manual list, to have a todo item made/made visible on the module page.
  7. All changes are logged in a before/after fashion
  8. All errors / code hickups are recorded in the activity log
  9. You can set it to ONLY set domain due dates X days before expiry & not touch hosting due dates at all.
  10. Simple install... enter the key & then adjust the default configuration...

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Great mod, a couple of questions/concerns:


1) How does this work with the EnomSynch mod (built-in or sparky's)? Do we have to run the crons in a certain order? I think that the EnomSynch mod would alter the next due date.


2) It would seem possible that if you set the due date far enough in advance a Late Fee could kick in prior to the expiration date or shortly thereafter. This might seem odd for some customers. My guess is that I would make the invoices due 9 days in advance of the expiration date since my settings add a late fee at 10 days. That way the day of or after it expires we would charge a late fee which might be more reasonable.


3) Using the example above if I set it to generate 9 days in advance, how would it work with the Credit Card Charging Settings in WHMCS as it relates to re-trying failed credit credit cards? To be honest I just starting porting the bulk of my customers to WHMCS and haven't had time to expirement with those settings. I dont know if it trys everyday or only once per week for X number of weeks. If so, then 9 days in advance might only get you one or two retrys.


4) I have been thinking of using the Enom Extended Mod, assuming its available. Have you tried it? If so, do you forsee any issues with the two mods?


Thanks you for taking the time to clarify. This mod seems to really fill a gap.



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1) I use the eNom sync mod, built in. As far as the email says when the cron is run it states:


"Updated bonfielddigital.biz expiry to 19/06/2011" But it changes the due date to the same date.


To overcome this problem do the following:


1] Run the eNom sync at say 08:00hrs

2] Run WHMCS Cron at 8:30hrs DueSync will run at the same time.


This way the due dates will be altered & set before WHMCS bills anyone for anything...


I know eNom sync should be done every few days but mine runs every day. Do it in the middle of the night, then run the cron etc... if you're worried about load. If there is an issue, I will speed up the next release with an option for a manual cron. So you can choose when the system runs, and this will eliminate any issues.


2) Yes, that would work. WHMCS will issue a late fee according to your settings if it falls 10 days after.


3) The WHMCS option 'Process Days Before Due' could be useful for this... set it to try 7 days before the due date and then 'Retry every week for' 2 weeks? WHMCS tries weekly for CC Payments...


4) I have never used the Enom Extended Mod... As long as it only mods the expiry dates then there shouldn't be a problem. I am an active developer and if any problems to arrise I will be writing a new version right away! I wrote it as a class, and everything is commented, so the quality won't degrade with future updates :)


If however you do purchase the mod & you are unhappy I will be happy to offer a refund or extend the license for unused time. During this time a new version would be on it's way to you with a fix.


Best regards,



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This module is more or less out of use for those versions - WHMCS does it by default. it's only really useful if you need to set domains apart without a registrar module.


It will work with them though, yes.

The problem is with those domains that are transferred in, where WHMCS will use the transfer date as the due date instead of the domain expiry date, so I do see some use in this module.

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The problem is with those domains that are transferred in, where WHMCS will use the transfer date as the due date instead of the domain expiry date, so I do see some use in this module.


This module will set due date to domain expiry date instead of transfer date? if yes i'm sold.



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I know WHMCS offers this function through its API now.

Problem is your registry have to support it...which it doesn't in my case (and I'm sure many other cases).


Can this project be brought back to life by anybody?


It should'nt be to hard for some of the wizzards here to create a script that checks for every domein if: expiry date = next due date

And if it is move the due date 10 days back


I'm intrested in paying for it (pm me).

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Hi there,


I was the original author of Due Sync, I would be willing to write a bit of code to do this for you if you simply want the functionality of moving the expiry 10 days back if the next due date matches the expiry.


If you would like to go ahead with this or discuss it further, please contact us via our website here: http://www.bluetipsoftware.com/speak-with-us/


Thank you,




PS, I tried to PM you but your profile rejected it.

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