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  1. I refuse to believe that anyone asked for this change, and if they did, it should be an admin setting. The change request list has things from 6 years ago that would actually help our business, but instead WHMCS spends time removing a feature and makes it more difficult to help customers. SMH...
  2. Just updated from v7.5 to the latest v8.5, and there does not seem to be an option to manually update a client's password. Is this no longer an option, or am I just not seeing it. I do see the password reset option to send a password reset email, but no option to manually just change the password.
  3. If there is an invoice with multiple domains, does the same PayPal subscription ID get added to all the domains in the invoice, or to just one of them?
  4. If the client cancels the service inside WHMCS, does WHMCS automatically cancel the PayPal subscription? If the client disables automatic billing, does WHMCS automatically pause the PayPal subscription? I do not see a configuration option for "Force Subscriptions" is WHMCS
  5. The question I am trying to answer is for domains, is there an option to select to not autorenew or setup a Paypal subscription?
  6. How does the system offer clients the subscription option during checkout when ordering a recurring product? Does it automatically setup the subscription, and then they have to opt out, or what?
  7. Were you able to get this done? What issues did you have?
  8. I checked several tables, and cannot figure out which table is storing the Default Pay Method. Does anyone know?
  9. I am using the Six theme. I do not see anything in the admin log, and the error log is just listing it as a smarty error, but not saying where it is coming from. Here is the full error: PHP Notice: Undefined property: WHMCS\Smarty:_tpl_vars in /home/USER/public_html/whmcs/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1358
  10. I am getting this error: Notice: Undefined property: WHMCS\Smarty:_tpl_vars I understand that this is due to the newer Smarty version, but cannot find the file or the code causing the error. Is there a way to find which file is causing the error?
  11. Anyone have the WHOIS info for .GAME? I tried .game|whois.nic.game|Domain not found, but that did not work.
  12. I tried a bunch of permutations, and thought that was one of them, but obviously not. Thank You!
  13. Anyone know the WHOIS server for .GAMES?
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