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we received this mail a short while ago;



We visited your website and find your hosting services is better than

our present host. We would like to transfer our domain to yours.

We would apprecaite your creating a trial account of your Cpanel, Webmail for us to test with as we shall get hooked on to your server in the next 48hrs all things being equal.

Our proposed domain name is


Lolita Mackenzie


I was thrilled at first as we our site is far from ready but then we did a google on this and came up with a lot of posts warning of spammers making use of hosting services in this way to ply their trade.


Just thought I would let you all know.


See here too

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Well, well ... Lolita Mackenzie ... that one has been around for years, I had more than my share of seeing that name at the bottom of an email. Also likes to do a chameleon trick or two, but its all the same in the end.


But certainly a good heads up to newer hosts or for those who haven't made the acquaintance yet :)


Remember the delete key is your friend.

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greed will kill you every time.


some things i learned....


call each and every client to verify they exist.


never give out trials unless they are willing to provide some credit info.


they are not a client until they click the sign up button, no matter how many times they tell you they will sign up... don't do ANY work until they sign up.


always check their ip to location they say they are.


if their card fails at any time, suspend them right away, its the only way to get them to provide a new card. giving them time by sending them emails they they need to update their card just lets them procrastinate.


If a client keeps trying to get you to cut the rate because company B does it, tell them to go to company B. They will leave you the next day anyway when they find company C for even less.

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thanks for the warnings guys. im not a very big host either.. sadly :( but when your focusing on a niche market, u cant expect much lol. but these scams are a great reminder that no matter your business, some jerk out there is always trying to hose you over..


thanks again guys.

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