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replies to tickets being blocked


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For security, I do not want to allow non clients to open tickets via email, so I have the "clients only" option enabled in the support dept

And I also have the "allow insecure imports" option disabled.

I assumed this would still allow contacts, users to create tickets and cc other people, and tickets we created from the admin. But it doesn't.
The problem is that this then blocks clients from replying to their own  tickets or tickets that we have opened from the admin on their behalf.

The replies will be treated as insecure and will not get imported and there is no way to even know there is an insecure reply waiting to be imported, unless we just happen to check the ticket and notice it. Which of course we won't do most of the time when it is set to "answered".

This just doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me. If the ticket already exists and was created by the admin or the client, why block the customer from replying to it.

So it seems like it is an all or nothing scenario. I cannot have any security without blocking everyone except the clients primary email.

We do need to allow clients to create tickets via the client area and cc different emails, as sometimes they get locked out, or another staff member needs to contact us.


Is there any way to do this?
not getting anywhere with support.

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After weeks and weeks of back and forth on tickets and my addons/hoocks being blames and being told to re-produce the issue on a stock installation, I now get told out of the blue that " Reopen Existing Tickets if Importing Fails " only works on closed tickets.
So once again, lots of time wasted due to WHMCS support staff not knowing how their own product works.

So if a ticket has any other status, nothing happens at all when a reply is received that is not imported, no nobody is aware of it unless they just happen to look at that ticket and se ethe not-imported reply.
There is also no notification sent to the client to tell them it was not imported, so they just think they are being ignored.

So basically all the secuirty features are completely useless as they all just cause more problems than they solve.


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The other huge issue that ""allow insecure imports" causes is that if this is not enabled, it will blocks all sales enquiries, since obviously those are coming from people who are not currently users/clients.

So any attenpt to make tickets secure just causes a raft of other problems.

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