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  1. ok that sucks, but since I am rarely going to need to actually do it, I guess I can live with it. If I use configurable options, will it send a notification when customer upgrades? I don't recall as have not used them for so long.
  2. I did open a ticket with WHMCS support and send me a link how to use configurable options and addons, despite me saying I already tried this and this doesn't seem to work. so are you saying there is actually no built in way to do this? And that using addons or configurable options requires manual intervention to actually apply the changes in cpanel?
  3. I have not really had to worry about this before, but I now find myself needed to add the ability for clients to upgrade their package resources, particularly disk space. But I cannot see how to do this. Anything I do with addons or configurable options doesn't have any effect. Nothing actually gets upgraded or changed, it doesn't actually seem to be linked to the lackage resources or cpanel in any way and seems to require me to provision manually. I have searched the forums and seen a few references from 2018 to some configurable addon that doesn't actually exist in whmcs, so I assume it some legacy feature that has since been removed.
  4. I already use one of your other plugins, but after the terrible customer service/support I have received from WHMCS Services, including being blatantly lied to, I don't really feel inclined to purchase any of your other products i'm afraid.
  5. I know what codeguard does. I did not ask what it does, nor did I say it was for my own use. I suggest reading the question properly.
  6. I have recently decided to enable codeguard, although none of my customers are using it yet. I decided to go and search up some reviews and see if it was actually any good, but alas really have only found quite negative reviews saying that it doesn't reliably restore backups and that there is no support. One review mentioned that if you call them, all you get an answering service who pass messages to codeguard and it takes days to even get a response. So not sure I want to risk selling it to my customers now. Is anyone here using it who can comment? have you ever restored any backups or used codeguard support?
  7. when I go into a client and view their tickets, they are always displayed in ascending order from oldest to newest. So it takes 2 clicks on the date column to get the newest tickets displayed. Is there any way to set this to descending so newest tickets display first by default? I cannot find any setting for this, unless I am being blind. NOTE: I am not referring to "Ticket Reply List Order" I am referring to the tickets themselves, not the ticket replies.
  8. Did you ever use that Zomex solution? I am looking for a similar solution, so affiliates can link to main website not WHMCS cart, I also found this one, which looks good https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3617-affiliates-plus But alas I have had very bad experience with this company and their terrible customer service, so don't really want to use any more of their products.
  9. did you have any luck witht his addon, I see you never got any reply from the developer. I am loathe to use any more addons from WHMCS services afte rthe horrible experience I have had with them using the SMS manager. Very rude and arrogant support.
  10. Is there any way to auto accept domain renewal orders for existing customers. It seems rather pointless having to manually accept these orders.
  11. 12 years later and this is still an issue. In my list of gateways I have 1 stripe 2 paypal 3 go cardless gocardless is being set at the default. So invoices are not getting paid automatically when the customer had a credit card on their acocunt, and I have to go in and chanthe the customers default payment gateway manually. how can I set the default to card? I would also say that for any customer the default should be whatever payment method they have added if they only have 1.
  12. yea the field was added later on, when I started using an SMS module. so the fields do not exist in the DB for most users. I have noticed that most clients seem to have listed their main number as a mobile number. So my goal is, to find out which clients do not have a mobile number. check if the main profile phone number starts with 07, which means it is a mobile number, and if so, copy it to mobile number custom field.
  13. I have a "mobile phone" custom field, and I want to search for all customers who left this blank. Unfortunately using the advanced search doesn't seem to work, since leaving it blank just returns all customers.
  14. ok it seems it is working lol, none of my testing was showing up in the events manager because of my ad blocked browser plugin, which was blocking the facebook pixel.
  15. this one https://github.com/Sinhcoms-LLP/Whmcs-Facebook-Pixel-addon having looked at the code, it does seem as though it is adding the additional tracking code on cart and checkout pages.
  16. anyone? I have found the WHMCS docs RE adding tracking code to the complete.tpl order form template. However this would result in my having duplicate facebook pixel code, as I would have the regular base code on all pages and them the order completion code on this page. If you look here https://www.facebook.com/business/help/402791146561655?id=1205376682832142 you can see what I need to do
  17. lol, I don't thin asking the developer his opinion on his own module would get me a very unbiased response.
  18. There are a few multi brand modules out there, anyone using any of them, can give me any feedback if any of them are any good? Tools4ISP : https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2222-multisite-module Katamaze: https://katamaze.com/whmcs/mercury/specifications I will exclude Modulesgarden from this, as I don't really want to use any of their products based on previous experience. any others?
  19. I am running facebook and google ads, and I need to be able to track links and purchases from those ads. I have been told that cart.php?a=complete is the url users hot when they have completed a purchase, so this is what I am tracking. Google analytics system is tracking page view, add to cart and initiate checkout but not purchase I have put through test purchase, but it is not being picked up. can anyone enlighten me what I am doing wrong? am I tracking the right URL ? FACEBOOKI am told the following:- but not sure what to do here. I am using an addin to insert my facebook pixel on every page, and I have checked the page source to confirm it is being added. But I don;t know how I can change the code on specific pages as above.
  20. yes from what I have read, that is what it does, it captures the email address they enter on the form before they adandoned.
  21. I think this issue must be random. I just created a test order for myself, and this time I received the addon welcome email.
  22. SO I was trying to use the Mailchimp addon to do abandoned cart campaigns, but now I doscovered that this only works for logged in (existing)users, so is useless. The whole point in abandoned cart tracking is for new customers that did not complete their order. Is there any way to do this with WHMCS? I found this addon https://www.whmcssmarters.com/product/abandoned-cart-for-whmcs/ But the only feedback I can find online says it is not reliable.
  23. Is this addon working properly yet? The only feedback/comments I have found say that it is not reliable/not working properly.
  24. whmcs support have replied and stated this is intentional and that it can only be ordered as an addon. Rather strange then that they create a product that can never be used.
  25. yes very dumb, annoy and lazy of the developers. I did not realise until months later that all the products and addons were still enabled.
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