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any good email addons?


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I am looking for a decent email solution that ideally  has a WHMCS module.

yes I know WHMCS now supports ox app suite, but it too basic right now and missing basic features like aliases, and it will likely take years for this to improve.

ENOM do offer hosted email which is cheap and offers a lot of storage, so I have been thinking of using this, anyone know if it is any good?
I am loathe to do anything that might require me having to deal with ENOM support any more than I have to, as its awful.

I found this module.

But again, not a fan of modulesgarden, as I have found their software to be incredibly buggy and not well made.



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Can't help directly with your question, but yeah ox app is offensively poor. Does it need automation? 

We have 24hr staffing and do our own email service - We normally add the account within 10 mins - it may be worth looking at whether it'd be worth settling for something awful just for the sake of somewhat automated deployment!

I wouldn't mind whmcs renting out the adspace in my installation I pay a fortune for...... but they must just accept whoever will pay more for customers because the services are either owned by the same company or awful choices- regardless of how great a partner they are for us. 

Anyway, typically anything good doesn't have a whmcs module - because they've not been desperate enough to make one or pay to have one made, which is an unfortunate situation but sadly the case for all billing SW 

The exceptions are the 3rd party devs who see an opportunity to sell us something 😁 add a hook to hide all the spam like most of us do and search for good products yourself! 

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I don't need automation right now, but I would prefer it.
I know from previous experience with a bigger company, that once you get to a certain size, manual processing is prone to error.
Worst being when a customer cancels, and someone forgets to manually login to the provider and terminate the service, so you end up paying for it indefinitely even though the client is not paying you.

I have a workaround for that currently, as I have a service notification plugin which can be used for non automated services, so it will create a ticket when a customer orders or cancels that product.
But using such workarounds creates another issue, because whenever there is an issue with WhMCS, support requires you to deactivate all your hooks and addons before they will help, which then causes more problems as you often have to leave them disabled for weeks or months because all support ell you is "let us know when it happens again" on a repeat cycle.


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Yeah, I hear you! It's the same for everyone - it's why many are leaving! 

Yes, automation is key at scale - we ended up hiring someone during the time whmcs couldn't charge credit cards automatically and we kept them on just to do extra support and we have time to provision the email ourselves whilst we get migrated and we can then build something for it! We don't want to waste time fixing whmcs issues anymore! 

But honestly, most people I speak to in this industry have used market connect as a wall of shame for companies to avoid for years! It's designed to rope in the poor saps who give it a go - not for anyone running a business. 

So far, web hosting and VPS,  dedicated are fully automated on the new platform- just have email/cloud storage and application hosting to sort.... $39 a year and full control and access to any and all files 😍

I'm a happy camper after many dull years! When I migrate - the money saved each year is being given to staff as a bonus 😁

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19 hours ago, snake said:

what system are you moving to?

I'm not allowed to say on here, for I fear I may be told off like a mis behaving school boy and put on the naughty step! 

Lots of options for everyone's needs and desires out there though mate! 

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