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3rd Party Gateway no longer capturing since 8.2

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We use a 3rd party module for PayPal billing agreements.  

Since upgrading to WHMCS 8.2 when our daily cron runs it does not capture payments to the payment gateway module.

if we click "attempt CC Capture" on the left of WHMCS then this successfully charges the invoices to the gateway.

Has WHMCS changed how payments capture in 8.2? do we have to enable somewhere to also allow cron to capture 3rd party payment gateway modules?


FYI gateway log shows no attempts/errors during the time our cron runs.

Running this also does NOT charge the 3rd party PayPal Module: /crons/cron.php do --ProcessCreditCardPayments >/dev/null 2>&1 

the only way is to either manually capture the invoice OR click "attempt CC Capture" in admin are homepage left menu.

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

Hi @TheHostingHeroes,

Thanks for getting in touch via support ticket.

From the information supplied in the ticket, it appears the module in quesiton is attempting to act as a Bank Account type gateway module, a-la Gocardless, Stripe SEPA. The developer documentation for which has yet to be published.

There are changes in v8.2 to the internal logic of how Bank Account pay methods and modules operate, so likely explains why this behaviour occurred after updating WHMCS.

Once the developer documentation is finalised and published on implementing a Bank Account payment gateway module, the vendor will be able to update their code accordingly.

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On 19/07/2021 at 1:57 PM, TheHostingHeroes said:



the issues i had fixed immediately after upgrading to whmcs 8.2.1

Essentially, More changes - No docs and you get to go unpaid or play lucky dip with what changed 🤔

Ahh good ol' Whmcs - They should charge extra for alleviating boredom from our lives! 

8.2.1 only just came out, I always say give it 6 months for people to break their system - WHMCS pretend they didn't do anything, then release a patch and then carry on altering stuff (without writing documentation it would seem! LOL)  Hopefully this doesn't hurt your business too much, WHMCS does try to add value to your business with every update 😉  

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