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Auto Credit for WHMCS - Selectively enable automatic credit use per service

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In WHMCS, by default the "Automatic Credit Use" option can only be disabled or enabled system-wide for all clients universally, and cannot be enabled/disabled on a per-client basis. In addition to that, only admins control this option.

However, in certain scenarios, some clients have more than one active service on their accounts (such as freelancers and agencies who handle billing on their customers' behalf), so they don't want all of the services to renew automatically as a result of "Automatic Credit Use" before first getting payments from their end-customers. On the other hand, some clients may want to have Automatic Credit Use for their renewal invoices by default.

Allow clients to selectively enable automatic credit use on renewal invoices of specific services

Auto Credit for WHMCS introduces automatic credit application per service. It gives your clients more control over how their credit balance is used, by enabling specific services renewal invoices to be paid from account credits automatically.

This is very useful for users of WHMCS who serve resellers and clients that manage hosting services on behalf of their end customers, because the reseller may wish to have only the services that he owns to be automatically renewed from the account credits, while not automatically applying from that credit on the other services until they get paid by their end users first.



  • Allow clients to enable automatic credit usage on invoices of specific services only.
  • Notify client when the credit applied to invoice is not enough to pay it.
  • Display auto-credit status in services details page.
  • Admin section to display clients list and the "Separate Invoices" option status for each client.
  • Ability for admin to enable "Separate Invoices" option for new clients by default.
  • Ability for admin to enable "Separate Invoices" option for all clients by one-click.
  • Better track activities, by logging actions to activity log.
  • Translation ready.


FREE TRIAL Available

You can fully test and try the addon before purchasing. Visit our store to order the free 3 days trial license.



Special 20% discount offer. Use code WHMCSMARKET20 during checkout


  • Of course, WHMCS "Automatic Credit Use" setting must be disabled for this addon settings to be in effect, otherwise, if it is enabled, then WHMCS will automatically settle any newly generated invoice from credits regardless of the type of this invoice. The first time the addon is activated, it will disable this option automatically.
  • The addon also requires the Separate Invoices option to be enabled for clients in order to work as should.
  • Currently it supports general products only. Domains, Addon Services, and Billable Items are not supported yet.
  • When triggering due invoices generation manually (from client summary page), WHMCS will use credits if available regardless of whether the system's "Automatic Credit Use" setting is disabled or not. In other words the addon has nothing to do with this behavior and it is in fact something built-in and how WHMCS works by default.


  • WHMCS "Separate Invoices" option must be ENABLED for client in order for auto-credit settings to take effect. A section in the addon admin area allows you to handle this setting for clients.
  • WHMCS "Automatic Credit Use" setting must be disabled.
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