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Upgrade question

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6 hours ago, Slinger said:

I'm on version 7.7.0.  Can I just push the button to upgrade to the latest version?  Is there anything I'd need to do beforehand?

Yes, but you should read the changes on the latest changelog versions to see if there are additional steps you need to take after updating. Some things changed or need modifications afterwards, the way sub accounts are now converted to users just to mention one.

As for the automatic update button, I have never used that feature and never will. The reason is that I have many changes on my installation and there is no way that function will be able to detect them. If it does, then I will still have to upgrade most files manually and if does not, it will overwrite them destroying my installation or customizations 🙄

To be clear. If you did not change anything fancy on your installation besides some basic template files, you should be good to go. If you are constantly tweaking or adding changes or have custom files in your installation, I personally suggest not to use this. It has nothing to do with WHMCS. I don't use auto update on anything that I heavily change. The reason is that auto upgrade just basically overwrites the filles in your installation. I prefer to do it manually file by file and check in the process what changed. I never had major problems doing upgrades that way but then again, I also make a full comparison line by line with my own files before upgrades. It's not a quick or easy process, but it's safe.

For most users, the auto upgrade feature should work fine. You can always just make sure to backup all your files and database, click the upgrade button, and see if everything is fine afterwards. If not, restore from your backups. If you are on the long run for WHMCS it would be better if you do it manually then you can learn how the process works and potentially also be able to solve issues in the future if something goes wrong with the update.

Another thing. I personally don't like a remote server (WHMCS) writing files on my server. From a security perspective I don't feel comfortable with that. I prefer to upload them with my own method of server access. But then again, that is just me 😁


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10 hours ago, yggdrasil said:

To be clear. If you did not change anything fancy on your installation besides some basic template files, you should be good to go.

the caveat to that would be addon modules and hooks... they should be checked before upgrading to ensure they are compatible with the version you're updating to, or if not, check whether updated versions have been published.

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