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Vulnerability report (click jacking)

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Hi guys, i received an email from someone claiming to be a pentester and he says he found a vulnerability in  my WHMCS

Here is what he sent:

"I am a security researcher and I found this vulnerability in your website
Bug type : UI Redress
Impact :  Phishing (account compromise)

Description :
Click jacking, also known as a "UI redress attack", is when an attacker uses multiple transparent or opaque layers to trick a user into clicking on a button or link on another page when they were intending to click on the the top level page. Thus, the attacker is "hijacking" clicks meant for their page and routing them to another page, most likely owned by another application, domain, or both.

Using a similar technique, keystrokes can also be hijacked. With a carefully crafted combination of stylesheets, iframes, and text boxes, a user can be led to believe they are typing in the password to their email or bank account, but are instead typing into an invisible frame controlled by the attacker.


<head>UI REDRESSING</head>
<iframe width=100% height=80% src="https://mydomain/whmcs/clientarea.php"></iframe>

Any User can be lured in to click on whats look like a functionality of the website but is actually an attackers frame button containing some malicious javascript code or redirection code leading the user to a vulnerable site . And as the vulnerability persists even after the user is logged in which makes it even more sever.

Suggested Fix:
Add an iframe destroyer in the page headers.

Please let me know if any more info needed !
Waiting for your reply and hopefully a  bug bounty for responsibly reporting the issue ...

i am attaching a screenshot as proof of concept waiting for your response."


Note: he just took a screenshot of my client area login page


Should i be concerned?

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While there is no need to panic, you could also look into preventing this - it is a phenomenon known as clickjacking.

WHMCS has some info on it here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Further_Security_Steps#Defending_Against_Clickjacking

You can read up on Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self' on the useful page: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/security/csp




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Just got approached by a similar security researcher. I've examined the three references in this post, namely:


Any more clues what exact directive needs to be added?

As it happens we use WHM and Virtualmin and I'm pretty familiar with NGinx conf files, and Apache and so on, but all three references fail to actually tell you what to do.

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