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  1. Hello, i recently realized i wasn't getting tickets notifications and i found they all going to spam which is bad because i dont get any notifications on that which brings about delay in ticket replies. I have piped the department emails to my live (microsoft) email.
  2. kingsleymensah

    custom Whois server

    If you can get the whois for cv to work then you can set email notification(navigate to settings>>products>>domain registrar). activate and configure email notifications from the options. Now when your customers search and available they can place order with you normally just like other extentions then WHMCS will send you email notification without customer knowing . Then you login to WHMCS admin dashboard, find client details used to place the order then quickly go to the .cv registrar and use same details to place order manually and set nameserver as well. Done!!
  3. kingsleymensah

    custom Whois server

    If If they dont have then you have to buy manually from the registrar
  4. kingsleymensah

    custom Whois server

    Oh no, some domain registrars provide a plugin you can use... i use namesilo for instance. you signup on their site or contact the provider and ask them if they have a plugin for WHMCS to resell domain. Some have, some doesn't have.
  5. kingsleymensah

    custom Whois server

    Yep!... i think it is the same issue. Your hosting provider has limited port 43 whois access. Sorry about that.
  6. kingsleymensah

    custom Whois server

    Hey , sorry i didnt see the last line of your post where you mentioned .cv extension. Well, i did a little digging on the .cv extension. Kindly try "uri": "socket://whois.dns.cv"
  7. kingsleymensah

    custom Whois server

    which whois (extension ) do you want to add?.....You need to find the main registrar for that extension. for instance, if you need a cctld like .gh extension you will go to the main registrar which is http://nic.gh/ then perform a whois search of a domain with that extension(.gh) and you might find the whois url for the at extension just like the image i just uploaded. If you dont find it in the results, kindly contact them and they will provide
  8. kingsleymensah

    Keep getting logged out of Admin area after few seconds

    i just tried it out so now waiting for a while to see if it fixed it. Secondly, When clients signup or login, their last login ip or signup ip is always same...looks like the ip address of my hosting privider(different from ip i was allocated)
  9. kingsleymensah

    Keep getting logged out of Admin area after few seconds

    i am being logged out not the password
  10. i dont know why i keep getting logged out of admin after some few seconds of loggin in. Any quick solution to that?
  11. well i was going to pay WHMCS so they do it themselves so i cant really tell how it will b done
  12. I am about paying whmcs to integrate my header and footer i am using wordpress, is there any disadvantage integrating header and footer in whmcs client area?
  13. i need someone to build a payment gateway for my whmcs using my merchant
  14. kingsleymensah

    Remove credit to next invoice

    you can add credit in that client's account and for the following month, you just generate an invoice(manually) for what client owes... Hope this answers your question if i understood you well 🙂
  15. oh my🤣.....thanks got it😅

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