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Looking for Reseller Hosting (WHMCS included)

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Hello everyone!

I've been using Namecheap shared hosting for almost 2 years for my web service business. Right now I'm satisfied with the price, quality and support that I get form Namecheap, however I decided to use a proper hosting plan to keep up with my business demand, so I'm looking for a solid reseller hosting plan/company to jump into this new venture.

I thought about upgrading my current plan with Namecheap and purchase one of their reseller plans, but every time I read articles and blogs about the best options out there, I noticed Namecheap is not even mentioned! Even thought I like Namecheap and I think it's an awesome company, I want to make sure I make a good decision for my new business move.

So I wanted to look for help and ask you about your experiences with hosting companies and maybe a good option I should consider. Quality and service stability is more important than pricing for me.

I appreciate your comments, thanks!



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