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Paypal Checkout or Paypal?


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I am using WHMCS 7.10.2

I am really confused with the new PayPal Checkout module that is described here https://docs.whmcs.com/PayPal_Checkout

I would like the buttons to appear on order summary as suggested.

I clicked the activation on the banner but, the buttons do not appear in the order summary at all. The payment gateway is working find when the order is completed in the new way.

Looking through the gateways it is not called Paypal checkout, but the module is just called Paypal. There is nothing called Paypal Checkout.

Have I missed something obvious?

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6 minutes ago, EvolveWebHosting said:

The 'new' paypal checkout is designed for one time purchases, which to me, doesn't make much sense for a hosting company that utilizes recurring billing. Maybe I need to spend more time looking it over but Evolve just uses Paypal Basic for now.

That's not correct @EvolveWebHosting the new PayPal Checkout Module does support Subscription payments please refer to https://docs.whmcs.com/PayPal_Checkout#Supported_Payment_Types

 Supported Payment Types

  • One-Time Payments
  • Subscriptions

Carts that have One-Time payment items only will immediately see the Express Checkout buttons as described below. Carts that contain at least one recurring item the client can proceed through the standard WHMCS checkout routine and select PayPal as the payment method upon checkout. Upon placing an order they will be redirected to PayPAl to create a subscription.

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I knew subscriptions were supported. It was a matter of the Express Checkout buttons that don't appear when a customer signs up for a service that is recurring. Most every service that we sell is recurring so I personally didn't see the benefit of it. If that was able to change, I'd strongly consider switching.

To add to this, can you turn off subscriptions in the new Paypal gateway like you can with Paypal Basic?

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PayPal checkout module is giving PayPal preferred treatment over other payment option. As now 90% of our new customers are using PayPal. I have reverted back to the old PayPal so that its easier for customer to find and select the payment option that they want.

What are your thoughts on this?

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