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  1. Setup different customer groups, assign the customers to the new group and create a new price slab for each group needed. The price slab has to be set by TLD as far as I know.
  2. Since authorize.net is getting rid of the MD5 Hash, is there something that needs to be done to keep the WHMCS authorize.net gateway working?
  3. EvolveWebHosting

    TLD domain extensions

    Is this with reCAPTCHA on or off? We've noticed this behavior with it on and had to turn off reCAPTCHA for the time being.
  4. EvolveWebHosting

    ReCaptcha Not Behaving Properly

    Thanks for confirming. The rest of the upgrade was smooth.
  5. EvolveWebHosting

    ReCaptcha Not Behaving Properly

    Sometimes I still get the picture box challenge when logging in. Is this normal behavior for invisible reCAPTCHA? It's random when it happens.
  6. EvolveWebHosting

    ReCaptcha Not Behaving Properly

    Took a closer look and I didn't see the 3 settings under v2 when setting it up in Google. Fixed that and it's working properly.
  7. EvolveWebHosting

    ReCaptcha Not Behaving Properly

    Just finished the v7.7 upgrade (thought it was ready to go) and noticed some strange behavior with invisible reCaptcha. Using Six Theme: Invisible reCAPTCHA turned on and when I go to search for a new domain to register, v2 reCAPTCHA is displayed. Yes, I have invisible reCAPTCHA codes setup and entered on the admin side. Using Custom Theme: When I go to search for a domain, nothing happens. As soon as I turn off reCAPTCHA, the domain search works properly. This is as far as I got and I did not test it for the shopping cart, login, etc
  8. EvolveWebHosting

    iOS App

    I'm wondering if the iOS app is worth it and if you have any experience with it? I'm mainly looking to use it for accepting orders, looking up client details and maybe placing a few manual orders on the go. The rest will be managed from the desktop / laptop.
  9. EvolveWebHosting

    Auto Intelligent Search Isn't working

    I'm using v4 which explains why the on / off toggles aren't present. Thanks!
  10. EvolveWebHosting

    Auto Intelligent Search Isn't working

    Nevermind. I thought this would work while typing but it doesn't until Enter is pressed
  11. EvolveWebHosting

    Auto Intelligent Search Isn't working

    Upgrade from 7.6.1 to 7.7 RC 1 to 7.7 release. FF 64.0.2 and Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 on a mac aren't working (didn't check others yet) when using the Intelligent Search.
  12. EvolveWebHosting

    Nameservers During Transfer

    I was mixed up and yes, there is a setting in his LCDRM module to correct this behavior and it overrides the mentioned setting below for his Free Tools Extension. From Marco: By default, our Registrar module does not pass nameservers for domain transfers even if specified in the shopping cart pre-checkout domain configuration, unless you have activated the option "Nameservers for Transfers" in WHMCS -> Addons -> Resellerclub Mods Console -> Configure Addon -> Goto Section Link: "L.C.D.Registrar Module". If you want to maintain the customers nameservers for the domain transfer, then just make sure you have not activated the mentioned option and the domain transfer will be initiate without nameservers. Resellerclub will transfer in the domain as is. There's also this setting under the Free Tools Extension which had me confused: Under Addons > RC & LB Tools v2, I have 'Nameserver Override' Disabled The purpose of this option is different. If disabled (not set any other nameservers), then the default nameservers set in WHMCS will be used for register and transfer. You can override the WHMCS default nameservers and configure another set of Nameservers. These nameservers will then be used if the customer has not specifiy his own Nameservers during the purchase of a register/transfer domain. The override feature is completely transparent and does not visually modify the Nameserver settings in WHMCS nor in the shopping cart pre-checkout domain configuration. You will always see the WHMCS default Nameservers or the Clients specified Nameservers.
  13. EvolveWebHosting

    Nameservers During Transfer

    That parameter allows you to override their existing nameservers with your own custom nameservers but we have that disabled. I am aware of what you mention with the DNS zones but we're also seeing it for domains that use nameservers to one of our servers (prior to starting the transfer in process). It's always overriding them with whatevever values we have entered under System > Settings > Domains. Maybe we should just remove those and it will clear up the issue?
  14. EvolveWebHosting

    Nameservers During Transfer

    I think a checkbox in this area needs to be added to tell WHMCS not to overwrite existing nameservers during transfers. The wording could even say 'Tick this box to use clients current nameservers during transfers'
  15. EvolveWebHosting

    Nameservers During Transfer

    I looked and there is a setting in ResellerClub-Mods to override the default name servers under WHMCS>Settings>Domains but it's not in use for us. I'm guessing the only option is to remove our default nameservers under the WHMCS settings.

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