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  1. EvolveWebHosting

    Mailchimp unsubscribe

    I was noticing that if you’re using the included mailchimp plugin and a client unsubscribes after receiving an email sent through mailchimp, it doesn’t update the marketing consent in WHMCS. Is there a way to change this behavior? WHMCS version is 7.6.1
  2. EvolveWebHosting

    Enforcing Domain Recurring Amount

    It seems like the best solution is to create a new client group, assign the customers to it and create a new pricing slab for any effected TLDs.
  3. EvolveWebHosting

    7.6 domain sync

    This fix has been working: You can change the interval under Setup > Automation Settings > Domain Sync Settings and change Domain Expiry Sync Frequency and Pending Transfer Sync Frequency We aren't using the additional cron mentioned in this hotfix. We only needed the updated files to make this work.
  4. EvolveWebHosting

    Enforcing Domain Recurring Amount

    I will hold off and mention it during the beta, not expecting something like this to make it into v7.7. If they'd embrace it, maybe we could see it in v8.x Thanks!
  5. EvolveWebHosting

    Enforcing Domain Recurring Amount

    @brian! I would agree that there are bugs with it, although it's much better than some of the other competitors out there. I can make a feature request but I'm not sure that would do any good to get WHMCS to address this and make changes to the logic. In the meantime, I'll keep brainstorming ways to handle this internally. I appreciate your feedback, as always.
  6. EvolveWebHosting

    Enforcing Domain Recurring Amount

    We're not using the Free Domain option at this time. There is a renewal charge for all of our customers.
  7. EvolveWebHosting

    Enforcing Domain Recurring Amount

    I'm not entirely sure because we aren't using the free domain feature though I would think if you had it setup to 'free domain' for first term, WHMCS should already have the recurring amount changed from free to the correct dollar amount. Is that not how it works? I think the underlying issue is that WHMCS treats this as a 'new order' when a customer renews ahead of time and therefore applies the pricing found under Setup > Products > Domain Pricing
  8. EvolveWebHosting

    Enforcing Domain Recurring Amount

    I've just seen that when a customer renews their domain through the client area (before their renewal invoice is generated), WHMCS does not force the Recurring Amount (seen on the admin side in their profile) to be charged. Instead, WHMCS charges them the rate setup under Setup > Products > Domain Pricing as if it's a brand new order. Is there a hook or another work around to make sure clients are always charged their Recurring Amount shown in their profile area?
  9. EvolveWebHosting

    WHMCS Integration

    Very clean. I like it!
  10. If you're going to do this, I think you need to also take away the option for the customer to remove their payment method.
  11. EvolveWebHosting

    WHMCS + OctoberCMS + SupportPal

    Proud to show our new site using WHMCS v7.6.1, OctoberCMS and SupportPal. Seamless login for customers even though there are 3 admin areas for us. OctoberCMS Pages: https://www.evolvewebhost.com WHMCS: https://www.evolvewebhost.com/account SupportPal Area: https://www.evolvewebhost.com/support (Most clients submit tickets through WHMCS with the SupportPal bridge but we have this support area up anyways)
  12. EvolveWebHosting

    Using WHMCS to handle resell.biz/resellerclub domains

    Are you sure you don't want to offer promotions or Whois ID protection to your customers? How about handling transfers in and out? WHMCS is way further along in terms of handling domains than Blesta is. We left Blesta 2 months ago after using it for 4 years because of the lack of domain management features. Alot depends on your business and the amount of domains that you have. I would suggest using WHMCS for less headaches now and in the future.
  13. EvolveWebHosting

    Showing $0.00 for Bundle

    No worries at all! Thank you for your help.
  14. EvolveWebHosting

    Showing $0.00 for Bundle

    I couldn't edit my last post (pending moderation) to make this correction: {if $product.bid} {$LANG.bundledeal}<br /> {if $product.displayprice} <span class="price">{$product.displayprice}</span> {else} <span class="price">{$LANG.orderfree}</span> {/if} {/if}
  15. EvolveWebHosting

    Showing $0.00 for Bundle

    Brian - Thanks for this information and I agree, this, along with a few other things needs to be updated / fixed with bundles. I used the Free text and had to add and additional {/if} to make it work. {if $product.bid} {$LANG.bundledeal}<br /> {if $product.displayprice} <span class="price">{$product.displayprice}</span> {/if} {else} <span class="price">{$LANG.orderfree}</span> {/if}

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