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  1. Why are we able to delete configurable options while they are assigned to customer(s) and product(s)? It should be like main products where they can't be deleted until they aren't assigned to any customer.
  2. Thanks for your input. Funds were available. I think it was a delay on the registrars side and it's been taken care of since then. I'll take a look at the logs if this becomes a recurring issue. This was the first time I've seen this over the course of many years.
  3. Using Logicboxes (with @resellerclub-mods LCDRM) and payment was processed for a domain renewal. WHMCS sent the customer and our admin the success email but the transaction is held up with the registrar for some reason (I will be contacting them shortly). Why is it that WHMCS sends the success email? Because payment was received? I wouldn't have normally caught this. Using WHMCS 7.10.2 and PHP 7.3
  4. For some reason, I didn’t get the newest version until today. The No Internet Connection issue is fixed in v1.1.1
  5. I'm not sure what it takes to integrate but it does look interesting. You can post this in the section to get a quote from developers and make a request at requests.whmcs.com
  6. More hassle than it's worth.
  7. Tried the latest version and I still get the No Internet Connection Error
  8. This is the exact reason it needs to be implemented. Try putting that link in an email or social media post or get on the phone and spell it all out. The alternative is to say 'click here, then click here, etc' to someone. It's all about convenience to the customer. I know that the chance of ranking for an order form page or domain lookup page is very low.
  9. Has anyone noticed that if for example, you have a client set with their default payment method of credit card and they pay a given invoice using Paypal instead, the search for invoices paid by paypal will not return their invoice? It seems this search should look at the actual payment method used and not the default payment method for the account.
  10. You have to be more careful!
  11. Glad to see that more awareness and discussion about this has been raised. At some point, we would like to use only WHMCS and build other page templates within.
  12. The canonical link element was introduced by Google, Bing, and Yahoo! in February 2009.
  13. I get that but in a WHMCS world, it's a huge step forward.
  14. Wouldn't adding a canonical tag take care of a lot of it instead of introducing validation? I understand the URL is low priority for SEO ranking purposes but it's a lot easier to be on the phone or at the keyboard typing a simple URL to give a customer. Right now, you have to look up the URL every single time because it's not easy to remember.
  15. Is this for all links? KB, direct product links, product groups, announcements, etc? I haven't had a chance to install the beta yet.
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