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  1. EvolveWebHosting

    Is this possible with whmcs

    Yes you can PM a question to me
  2. EvolveWebHosting

    Is this possible with whmcs

    We use SupportPal too. Are you using these two plugins? https://www.supportpal.com/integrations/whmcs-integration https://www.supportpal.com/plugins/whmcs-information All of the customers tickets and ticket history are available to them through the WHMCS portal. For the admins, you can view everything through the SupportPal backend.
  3. EvolveWebHosting

    Upgrading to 7.8.x and payment methods are mixed up

    Hi, You're welcome! I was doing old school upgrades and manually uploading all new files. This time, I decided to use the automatic upgrade and then upload our custom theme. It worked great and saved us a lot of time. We've been using 7.8.3 for 2 days now and everything seems to be working properly (new orders, auto debit, crons, etc). DL
  4. EvolveWebHosting

    Upgrading to 7.8.x and payment methods are mixed up

    We were seeing the same issue until the 7.8.3 release. Have you tried 7.8.3 yet?
  5. Is this an issue with all payment gateways? We haven't upgraded yet and use authorize.net. Not sure whether to hold off a bit longer before the upgrade. 7.8.2 doesn't bring many features to us that are a necessity so there's no real pressure to upgrade.
  6. EvolveWebHosting

    SSL Checks - disable function needed

    I don't have the links but you can search this community and there are a couple of posts that show you how to edit your template to hide it all on the client side. We do the same thing for now.
  7. There are 4 commits for the 7.8.x version
  8. EvolveWebHosting

    Email Marketer Logging

    Emails are logged under the 'email' tab for the clients account. Took me a bit to report back (got sidetracked).
  9. EvolveWebHosting

    Voteq Hostring new website review

    The colors are nice. It looks like it's not finished though. When I'm looking at this page: https://voteq.co.uk/web-hosting/ it talks about website design and not much about hosting. Your links to the left on this page point to web design pages and not hosting related pages. It looks like maybe web design is the main part of your business and hosting is secondary?
  10. EvolveWebHosting

    Email Marketer Logging

    That's a good idea and easy enough to do for a few of the templates. Thanks!
  11. EvolveWebHosting

    Email Marketer Logging

    @brian! Daily cron runs without issues and has run several times before and after this particular email was supposed to go out. The task ran on the day this email should have gone out and when I check mail delivery through WHM, the email went to the customer: 07/01/2019 09:02 Automated Task: Starting Email Marketer Rules Maybe WHMCS is not logging this activity under the 'email' tab (admin side) and customer email (customer account area)?
  12. It's very likely that it could be related to MX records. Have you checked them at mxtoolbox.com ? Are you configured to send using SMTP vs. PHP Mail() found under Setup > General Settings > Email
  13. EvolveWebHosting

    Email Marketer Logging

    When using https://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Marketer , is WHMCS logging that the email was sent under the 'Emails' tab within the clients profile or anywhere else? I'm not seeing it under the 'Emails' tab. If not, what's the best way to make sure the emails are going out?
  14. EvolveWebHosting

    Transferring Domain

    Try signing up with resell.biz and use the UK2 / Stargate module. Then look into adding these 2 modules (1 free and 1 paid): https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/whmcs/free-resellerclub-tools-addon.php https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/whmcs/logicboxes-registrar-module.php
  15. EvolveWebHosting

    WHMCS is joining WebPros

    Unfortunately there isn't a great alternative. Blesta doesn't cut it still. Especially when it comes to managing domains. Why they don't prioritize that much more is beyond me.

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