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  1. EvolveWebHosting

    WHMCS Integration

    Very clean. I like it!
  2. If you're going to do this, I think you need to also take away the option for the customer to remove their payment method.
  3. EvolveWebHosting

    WHMCS + OctoberCMS + SupportPal

    Proud to show our new site using WHMCS v7.6.1, OctoberCMS and SupportPal. Seamless login for customers even though there are 3 admin areas for us. OctoberCMS Pages: https://www.evolvewebhost.com WHMCS: https://www.evolvewebhost.com/account SupportPal Area: https://www.evolvewebhost.com/support (Most clients submit tickets through WHMCS with the SupportPal bridge but we have this support area up anyways)
  4. EvolveWebHosting

    Using WHMCS to handle resell.biz/resellerclub domains

    Are you sure you don't want to offer promotions or Whois ID protection to your customers? How about handling transfers in and out? WHMCS is way further along in terms of handling domains than Blesta is. We left Blesta 2 months ago after using it for 4 years because of the lack of domain management features. Alot depends on your business and the amount of domains that you have. I would suggest using WHMCS for less headaches now and in the future.
  5. EvolveWebHosting

    Showing $0.00 for Bundle

    No worries at all! Thank you for your help.
  6. EvolveWebHosting

    Showing $0.00 for Bundle

    I couldn't edit my last post (pending moderation) to make this correction: {if $product.bid} {$LANG.bundledeal}<br /> {if $product.displayprice} <span class="price">{$product.displayprice}</span> {else} <span class="price">{$LANG.orderfree}</span> {/if} {/if}
  7. EvolveWebHosting

    Showing $0.00 for Bundle

    Brian - Thanks for this information and I agree, this, along with a few other things needs to be updated / fixed with bundles. I used the Free text and had to add and additional {/if} to make it work. {if $product.bid} {$LANG.bundledeal}<br /> {if $product.displayprice} <span class="price">{$product.displayprice}</span> {/if} {else} <span class="price">{$LANG.orderfree}</span> {/if}
  8. EvolveWebHosting

    Showing $0.00 for Bundle

    We've created a bundle with 2 items that are free (a trial of 2 services) and I'm trying to figure out how to show $0.00 or FREE on the category page. On the admin side, it already shows $0.00 and doesn't translate to $0.00 on the client side. I searched for a solution and didn't see one. Any ideas?
  9. EvolveWebHosting

    Only Auto Provision for Existing

    In case anyone is wondering, the solution on Github does not work with v7.5.2 (atleast when the box is checked to auto provision for existing clients). I have not tried with that box unchecked.
  10. EvolveWebHosting

    Only Auto Provision for Existing

    Thanks @Kian and @brian! I'll give the Github solution a try and I'll come back to confirm whether or not it still works with WHMCS v7.5.2
  11. EvolveWebHosting

    Only Auto Provision for Existing

    OK thanks. Something I'll need to get used to then.
  12. EvolveWebHosting

    Only Auto Provision for Existing

    We are using 'Only Auto Provision for Existing' and it works great for our existing customers. I have noticed that the order still appears as 'Pending' though and wonder if that's the correct behavior? WHMCS v7.5.2
  13. EvolveWebHosting

    Hello from Denver, CO USA

    I'm Doug, owner of Evolve Web Hosting near Denver, CO. We just returned to WHMCS last week after spending awhile using Blesta (too long). We're excited to be up and running again with WHMCS and look forward to more great features to come and the additional automation that WHMCS provides.
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