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  1. EvolveWebHosting

    Google Ads Conversion Tracking

    I read the message and missed 'ads' in the title. Are you using a CDN or any other caching? What's your website URL?
  2. EvolveWebHosting

    Google Ads Conversion Tracking

    Is this something extra you are adding, maybe through Tag Manager? WHMCS includes tracking by default.
  3. EvolveWebHosting

    Sales and promotions

    If it doesn't exist, I think a feature request is needed to better distinguish between transfers / registrations and the pricing for registration, renewal and transfer when creating promo codes.
  4. As an ex Blesta user, I want to point out that the ImportAssist is not up to date to properly transfer Blesta data back to WHMCS. We moved back to WHMCS about 9 months ago and had to manually move everything over which was not fun. It was worth it though to re gain a lot of the features that Blesta still has not incorporated (better domain management, client notifications for cancellations, etc).
  5. EvolveWebHosting

    WHMCS miscalculates renewals

    That's a good 'bug' to bring up. I would think they could address this through the API calls.
  6. EvolveWebHosting

    iOS App

    Thanks for all of the feedback everyone. I didn't bother trying the current app and will wait until the new release later this year to see what it looks like.
  7. Setup different customer groups, assign the customers to the new group and create a new price slab for each group needed. The price slab has to be set by TLD as far as I know.
  8. Since authorize.net is getting rid of the MD5 Hash, is there something that needs to be done to keep the WHMCS authorize.net gateway working?
  9. EvolveWebHosting

    TLD domain extensions

    Is this with reCAPTCHA on or off? We've noticed this behavior with it on and had to turn off reCAPTCHA for the time being.
  10. EvolveWebHosting

    ReCaptcha Not Behaving Properly

    Thanks for confirming. The rest of the upgrade was smooth.
  11. EvolveWebHosting

    ReCaptcha Not Behaving Properly

    Sometimes I still get the picture box challenge when logging in. Is this normal behavior for invisible reCAPTCHA? It's random when it happens.
  12. EvolveWebHosting

    ReCaptcha Not Behaving Properly

    Took a closer look and I didn't see the 3 settings under v2 when setting it up in Google. Fixed that and it's working properly.
  13. EvolveWebHosting

    ReCaptcha Not Behaving Properly

    Just finished the v7.7 upgrade (thought it was ready to go) and noticed some strange behavior with invisible reCaptcha. Using Six Theme: Invisible reCAPTCHA turned on and when I go to search for a new domain to register, v2 reCAPTCHA is displayed. Yes, I have invisible reCAPTCHA codes setup and entered on the admin side. Using Custom Theme: When I go to search for a domain, nothing happens. As soon as I turn off reCAPTCHA, the domain search works properly. This is as far as I got and I did not test it for the shopping cart, login, etc
  14. EvolveWebHosting

    iOS App

    I'm wondering if the iOS app is worth it and if you have any experience with it? I'm mainly looking to use it for accepting orders, looking up client details and maybe placing a few manual orders on the go. The rest will be managed from the desktop / laptop.
  15. EvolveWebHosting

    Auto Intelligent Search Isn't working

    I'm using v4 which explains why the on / off toggles aren't present. Thanks!

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