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Domain Expiry Manual Invocation


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Just a quick question, I am manually adding new customers domain names into my system.

Automation Settings > Domain Sync Settings > all set to default & Everything is working fine.

The problem I am having is with my workflow which is

-> Add the new user/account using Server Sync tool

-> Add the customers domain names

-> Wait for a random/magical amount of time? :D

-> Manually send customer welcome email and login details once their domain names Expiry Date has been picked up from the registrar

I can't send the customer welcome email until their domain Expiry Date has updated but I have no idea when this runs, it seems to just run when it feels like it. Could be 10 minutes could be 2 hours.

So I find myself sitting clicking refresh on the customers domain tab until the Domain Expiry date gets updated.

I have over 100 customers to add and this is going to take weeks to add everyone at this rate.

Is there a way to manully invoke the domain expiry date sync on a newly added domain name so I can get these customers into my system?

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Hi @JimmiSticks

Thanks for your question.

We do outline the calls at https://docs.whmcs.com/Crons#Tasks there are three possible calls DomainStatusSync, DomainTransferSync & UpdateDomainExpiryStatus 

The Domain Sync runs depending on what you have specified under Setup > Automation Settings > Domain Expiry Sync Frequency.


Domain Expiry Sync Frequency - A value of 0 will check the domain expiration dates every 4 hours. Use this setting to specify a different frequency. The lowest frequency setting of 1 will check every hour.

The three calls are listed below

Option Legacy Option Description Frequency
--DomainStatusSync n/a Processing Domain Status Syncing for Active domains. Batches of 50. Known as DomainExpirySync in v7.7 and earlier As soon as every hour
--DomainTransferSync n/a Processing Domain Transfer Syncing for Pending Transfer domains As soon as every hour
--UpdateDomainExpiryStatus n/a Update Domain Expiry Status for domains with a past Expiry Date Daily

To manually trigger the DomainStatusSync the following command via the command line should do the trick for you

php -q /home/username/crons/cron.php do --DomainStatusSync


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@WHMCS ChrisD and what about to run DomainStatusSync for more than 100,000 domains... I'm working on an installation with such number of domains and I think that is causing issues because the domains are not changing to Grace and Redemption period along the settings we have in place.

What do you recommend in this case?


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