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  1. cenourinha

    Tax Configuration - Share Your Experience

    I forgot to mention that should be possible to enable/disable the Tax-ID/VAT-ID field for Contacts.
  2. cenourinha

    Tax Configuration - Share Your Experience

    I've submit some Feature Requests that i think should be implemented in the WHMCS Core if you want to have a better and efficient Tax configuration: Tax Configuration - Tax ID/VAT-ID Mandatory Tax Configuration - Validate Tax-ID when possible Tax Configuration - Tax-ID/VAT-ID Country Code Suffix
  3. Dear WHMCS Team, I would like to learn more about GoCardless integration. For what o understand, GoCardless isn't a realtime payment solution, as it needs a grace period before being able to charge the customer. Can you please explain better how will it work with WHMCS?
  4. cenourinha

    Tax Configuration - Share Your Experience

    The problems i see with your implementation: It doesn't validate the Fiscal Number (Customer will be able to put fake information there) The field is optional (You should have an option for those who require it to be mandatory) It allows customer to freely edit the field wherever he wants (Allowing multiple fake VAT-IDs/Fiscal Numbers) Fixed: The field isn't filled with the country-code as suffix (Example: PT123456789) Video: https://streamable.com/haqh5
  5. cenourinha

    Tax Configuration - Share Your Experience

    It doesn't need to validate via webservice, but is essential to validate the format. This seem to work correctly: https://formvalidation.io/guide/validators/vat/ This validation will prevent someone to fill the field with invalid/false information that will then not be valide for usage in a external certified billing software. Regarding the field label, it would depend on the language. In Portugal its called NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal / Fiscal Identification Number) for individuals or NIPC (Número de Identificação de Pessoa Colectiva / Collective Person Identification Number) for companies, but NIF works great for both. In our implementation we call it "NIF" in Portuguese and "VAT-ID/Fiscal Number" for other languages.
  6. cenourinha

    Tax Configuration - Share Your Experience

    I think we are using our own validation class that is based on this JS to validate fiscal numbers: https://formvalidation.io/guide/validators/vat/ i also i'm able to validate my fiscal number with this tool: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/tin/tinRequest.html We don't allow First Name, Last Name, Company Name or VAT-ID/Fiscal Number change unless it is justified: People or companies do not change their name every day; We use VAT-ID/Fiscal number as a required field as we also use it as a unique ID; We don't allow the same VAT-ID/Fiscal Number to be used twice. If you (customer) signup a contract with a company (us), you can't simply change your contract details at the middle of the game, at least in our country. (For example, if i get Internet service from a ISP, normally with a contract (12-24 months), i can't just log-in into my ISPs client area and change the name and VAT-ID/Fiscal Number in the contract.) When customers pay an WHMCS Invoice, we need then to process the final legal invoice with a certified software (At least in some European Countries). If we allow customers to change those details, we are allowing them to pay the invoice with XXX details, changing those details to YYY and then get a legal invoice with different data from the whmcs invoice. Please, if you do a change like this, make sure you're doing it correctly or at least don't make it mandatory. Have the options in place so this can be flexible and work correctly for most of the cases.
  7. cenourinha

    Tax Configuration - Share Your Experience

    By activating this fields by default and not have an option to disable then on clients and/or contacts, you will be overriding previous implementations. At this moment we require a separate customer account if the customer wants to be billed with different details. If i understand correctly, with VAT/Fiscal Number for Contacts, you will enable customers to have multiple billing entities within the same Client Account. While this may be good for some companies, we would like to stay with the actual system and disable that field for contacts (at least for the moment) as we have integration with external billing software that needs to be rewritten if this is the path we choose to go. So we request you to make those fields optional (Enable/Disabled for Customers/Contacts by Admin). Also, at this moment our VAT/Fiscal Number field is being filled with the country-code followed by the number (Example: GB927774676), will you implementation work the same way? You will use VIES (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/) to validate VAT IDs and thats great for companies, but the Fiscal Number of Individuals doesn't validate with VIES, will you be validating them using another method or no validation at all? What about the edition of the fields, will customers be able to edit them after the initial registration? At this moment we block the edition of those fields and require customers to signup a new account if they want to use a different VAT-ID/Fiscal Number.
  8. cenourinha

    Tax Configuration - Share Your Experience

    Is the Tax ID/VAT Number field optional? We already have our own implementation and would like to maintain it untouched at this moment. Maybe using the migration tool after some time as we need to be sure it works correctly with our implementation. Are you validating the Tax ID/VAT Number in any way for singular person or just for EU Companies? You're also implementing this field for contacts. Please make sure we can activate/deactivate this behavior. At this moment we require each customer account = one fiscal entity and would like to deactivate that option for contacts. From what I understand, customers could request that different services on the same customer account be billed to different tax entities using the sub-contacts.
  9. @WHMCS John unfortunately thats not an option for us, because we need sometimes to allow customers to register directly. For example, clients moving services to another client.
  10. I have implemented this, but the checkbox doesn't show up on the register.php page directly, only on the /cart.php?a=checkout. How can we fix this?
  11. How can we log the acceptance on the "Log" tab of the user? How can we use translation strings?
  12. cenourinha

    translate Join our mailing list text

    This is defined at Setup > General Settings > Other > Marketing Email Opt-In Messaging. You can also translate it using the $_LANG['emailMarketing']['optInMessage'] var, as stated on the Documentation: The Marketing Email Opt-In message can alternative be defined within the language files if you wish to provide multiple different versions for different languages. To do this, you must define a language string with the key $_LANG['emailMarketing']['optInMessage']
  13. Yes, i have uploaded the hot fix and there is a problem when i try to add the domain to the cart.
  14. I did get the same error some days ago. Created the account manually and never found more about this.
  15. cenourinha

    V6 - Login to WHM / cPanel / Webmail is gone?

    In "Six" theme they are showing correctly in the sidebar. Don't know about other templates.

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