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  1. @WHMCS John unfortunately thats not an option for us, because we need sometimes to allow customers to register directly. For example, clients moving services to another client.
  2. I have implemented this, but the checkbox doesn't show up on the register.php page directly, only on the /cart.php?a=checkout. How can we fix this?
  3. How can we log the acceptance on the "Log" tab of the user? How can we use translation strings?
  4. cenourinha

    translate Join our mailing list text

    This is defined at Setup > General Settings > Other > Marketing Email Opt-In Messaging. You can also translate it using the $_LANG['emailMarketing']['optInMessage'] var, as stated on the Documentation: The Marketing Email Opt-In message can alternative be defined within the language files if you wish to provide multiple different versions for different languages. To do this, you must define a language string with the key $_LANG['emailMarketing']['optInMessage']
  5. Yes, i have uploaded the hot fix and there is a problem when i try to add the domain to the cart.
  6. I did get the same error some days ago. Created the account manually and never found more about this.
  7. cenourinha

    V6 - Login to WHM / cPanel / Webmail is gone?

    In "Six" theme they are showing correctly in the sidebar. Don't know about other templates.
  8. cenourinha

    Updating ID Protection pricing

    SQL Query for those who want to update their price automatically: UPDATE `tbldomains` SET `recurringamount` = 'NEWPRICE' WHERE `recurringamount` = 'ACTUALPRICE' AND `idprotection` LIKE 'on'; Replace: ACTUALPRICE = Value of the actual domain price NEWPRICE = Value with the price of the ID Protection
  9. cenourinha

    SSL Certificate Options: SAN, long-term, etc

    I also would like to know how we can archieve this. WHMCS needs a better SSL Management interface.
  10. cenourinha

    Some questions before order WHMCS

    1 - No. You need a separate Billing Software certified by Autoridade Tribut√°ria (AT).
  11. cenourinha

    New Domains

    You missed .today(?): .today|whois.donuts.co|Domain not found
  12. cenourinha

    New Domains

    WHMCS TLD Management Tools need many improvements: - Fully IDN support; - Fully newTLD support; - Support for Sunrise and other new domains phases; - Configuration of Renewal Grace Period and Restore fees per TLD and Registrar; - Better Registrar syncronization (more details, for example: Tell the customer when the Domain is not yet verified, allow customer to request the e-mail validation to be sent again, etc);
  13. cenourinha

    Domain Redemption Fee Module

    Why would the module need to connect to the remote MySQL server?
  14. cenourinha

    Domain Redemption Fee Module

    Hi there, I would like to know how are the fees applied. Does it add a "item" to the invoice, or updates the Domain Renewal price and text line? Also, is it possible to configure Domain Redemption Fee per TLD and per Registrar? Some of us use more than one Registrars and they have both different Renewal Grace Period days and Feeds.
  15. cenourinha

    Web ID Protection and ID Protection

    Can you please show us an example?

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