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  1. Hello @WHMCS John! We have a huge issue about that. Our WHMCS is not changing the expired domains to redemption and some clients (up to 12 in a single day) have paid their domains in redemption status without any extra fee. Of course the redemption fee has been paid by us. Facts: 1) We use ENOM as Registrar 2) Grace/Redemption is Enabled in General Settings> Domains. And is set to add the fee in the same invoice. 3) Grace Period is set to 30 days and $0 4) Redemption at first, was set to 30 days and $120 USD (now is set to 0 days and $0) The most concerning thing here is the point #4 is not impacting anything. I mean, it's not adding a fee and it's not deleting the item. So, it's the worst scenario. To be honest, we have upgraded from WHMCS 7.4 to 7.10.1 just a week ago. So, I don't know if must run something to update the older domains. The ones already are in Redemption Status at the Registrar Level (ENOM) and they are still as Expired in our WHMCS. We don't know what to do in order to fix this. Regards
  2. @WHMCS ChrisD and what about to run DomainStatusSync for more than 100,000 domains... I'm working on an installation with such number of domains and I think that is causing issues because the domains are not changing to Grace and Redemption period along the settings we have in place. What do you recommend in this case? Regards
  3. Hello We were wondering if you can help us with one SUPER BIG issue. We upgraded from 7.4 yo 7.10.1 and the nightmare started ***IF THERE IS A WAY TO DISABLE MODULE-6742 - Implement Extend RGP command for Enom regarding domain renewals in redemption period, THAT WILL "SOLVE" THE ISSUE IN THE MEANTIME TO AVOID BEING CHARGED WITH REDEMPTION FEES THE USERS ARE NOT PAYING*** 1) At first, we saw these lines: 07/06/2020 06:20 Removed Domain Renewal Line Item - Invoice ID: 452473 - Domain: XXXXXXXX.tld (that TLD is the only one not managed by ENOM Module) 2) We investigate it and it was related to Grace/Redemption Fee new option it was not present in 7.4. In that TLD everything was in 0 (Days and Amount, both Grace and Redemption) 3) We made a change on that TLD to set some Grace days (it was set on 0). And the problem of removed line items was fixed. No more removed lines. 4) We discovered yesterday we were charged for more than 2,000 USD in ENOM RGP charges. And that was because a dude paid an invoice from April without any Redemption Fee on it! (The invoice was generated two months before the WHMCS upgrade). 5) We also discovered there are not invoices with the redemption fee added AT ALL! So, anyone can pay (now) a domain in redemption period without pay the fee and the domain will be renewed ** We just use two Registrar Modules: ENOM for everything except for an specific TLD that is working with ModulesGarden Module --- As you can imagine, that is absolutely a big problem. My questions are: We have these options enabled: Domain Grace and Redemption Fees Enabled Domain Grace and Redemption Fee Billing Add Grace and Redemption Fees to existing invoice And to put just one example, we have these options for .com (the majority of those domains renewed without any fee on it, were .com) Grace Period Redemption Period Duration 30 Days 0 Days Fee $0Pesos $0Pesos 1) Do you see something wrong on this? 2) Do you recommend to see for some logs or something? I mean, we must find why there is not a fee or at least the item must be REMOVED if reaches the Redemption period. Your help will be much appreciated. I'm in shock about the things I've discovered yesterday and non sleep in more than 24 hours and I don't know what else to do -WHMCS guys will not answer me in weekend 😞 Warm Regards
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