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  1. JimmiSticks

    OVH Module Testers

    I am looking for a module that works with OVH cloud and not just Canada, all regions. Can you help?
  2. Hello, I have 200 clients I will be adding to WHMCS 7.8. I am going to put this on its own cloud instance and wondering what sort of resources I should get for this cloud instance. (disk space/ram/cpu). Additionally when adding new clients what is the best method to do this? I don't want the system to be emailing clients until I am ready to launch. Does the new 7.8 server sync tool pull in addon & alias domains for customers that are setup in their cPanel accounts or do I have to add them manually if they are not the primary domain name for that cPanel account? Thanks.
  3. JimmiSticks

    Domain search integration code

    Sir, you are the master of WHMCS, again works a charm. Thank you.
  4. JimmiSticks

    EPP Code Modification

    Champion! Thank you it works a treat :)
  5. JimmiSticks

    Domain search integration code

    Great thanks Brian setting Captcha Form Protection to Always Off allows the search to be automated. Hopefully some day soon we will all be close to ridding our lives of this burden they call google.
  6. JimmiSticks

    Domain search integration code

    I got my integration code from Utilities > Integration Code > Domain Ordering Put it on my website and put in a domain name and click search. It takes me to the cart and the same domain name is in the box waiting for me to click search again. What am I missing? Shouldn't it search for the domain I have already clicked search for on the other page?
  7. I have given up on the tickets I sent 4 seperate tickets one including login details for both FTP and WHMCS and nothing has been done. The module does not work and all I get is a generic response every 12 to 24 hours saying please send us your ftp and whmcs details. I have come to the conclusion that the ModulesGarden Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS does not work with WHMCS 7.7.1 Unless a fix is given I will be getting a refund.
  8. JimmiSticks

    EPP Code Modification

    When logged in as a user if i go to Domains > My Domains > Click on 'my domain name' to manage it > Click Get EPP Code. I see The EPP Code for your domain is: xxxxxxx How can I can change this line of text to read Please contact us to retrieve your EPP code
  9. Does anyone use this addon from modulesgarden.com? I have installed it and it is not working when searching for a domain name the loading icon next to the domain name just keeps loading and nothing ever happens. I have contacted their support but there is no response..
  10. I just bought a wordpress theme but I also bought lagom theme for whmcs. With the wordpress theme they use the plugin whmcs bridge and it requires the root login details for the whmcs install. Is this safe to do? Giving your whmcs root logins to this whmcs plugin? https://wordpress.org/plugins/whmcs-bridge/ Am I on the wrong path here? I thought lagom for whmcs would allow me to add simple things like an About Us page, but maybe not. So far I have spent nearly $200 and just have a whmcs with a members area, nothing that could be shown to the public.
  11. JimmiSticks

    Questions about domain management

    Excellent, that is very clear, thanks for your time.
  12. Hello, I am hoping someone could shed some light on the following questions. 1) Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing There is a checkbox here for EPP code. If I leave this unchecked for the given domain name, this disables the 'Get EPP Code' from the client area for customer (This is great). My question is by having this unchecked can people still transfer their domains in using the EPP they have from their previous registrar? 2) Setup > Automation Settings Sync Next Due Date Enable (ticked) - Number of Days to Set Due Date in Advance of Expiry: 15 First Renewal Notice 30 Enter the number of days before the renewal date to send the first reminder (0 to disable) (renewal date?) Having the above set, am I correct in thinking the client will get their first domain renewal notice 45 days before the domain name officially expires at the registrar? Basically I am confused about the difference in the system between the terms for domains 'Expiry Date' and 'Next Due Date'? Thank you in advance for your help.
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