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Issues with Payment Processing in 7.8.x

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We opened this as a ticket too, but I figured I'd post in the forums to see if other WHMCS clients, specially those with development experience, have any helpful ideas. Thanks so much!!


After upgrading to 7.8.2 yesterday (and then restoring back to 7.6.2 a few hours later) we realized that there are major issues with almost all of the payment processing gateways. We contacted support for many of our payment gateway vendors and many of them are totally taken back at how to deal with the changes in 7.8.x

In particular the most challenging one is our ACH integration with Braintree. See the following below from our developer:

After looking through a WHMCS 7.8.2 install and the documentation, I am not sure our module will work with it, ever. It appears that the "Add Bank Account" option only appears when the module is called "directdebit", but then, it only stores the bank account within WHMCS, it doesn't interact at all with Braintree. Any other payment method, it treats as as a CC.

The only way WHMCS will also call the capture method on a gateway is if its type is CC, which of course, this new version of WHMCS treats as an actual CC and doesn't let the module think for itself.

I just don't think WHMCS supports automated direct debit, which is why we've had to do so many workarounds and custom fixes for this module. We've had to set the type to CC to allow the module to work with automated cron captures. The default direct debit module only supports capturing the bank details the customer inputs and storing it in the DB, nothing else happens.

I would really appreciate a response from your development team on how this can be resolved/implemented/fixed. This is a major issue for us and could require us to leave WHMCS if there is no resolution available. We process a lot of payments daily and can't do it manually.

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