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  1. Thanks guys!!! I just did a little change from the @steven99 code. {foreach from=$service_custom_fields_by_name item=customfield} {if $customfield.name eq 'cpfnumber'} {$customfield.name}: {$customfield.value} {/if} {/foreach} Now is working again!!!
  2. Hello, my custom email templates not getting custom fields, my variable is set like on: https://docs.whmcs.com/Custom_Fields at email template is show this example: {$service_custom_fields.1} and this one: $service_custom_fields_by_name.0.name}: {$service_custom_fields_by_name.0.value} if my customer field name is cpfnumber how the custom fields should be on email template? Actual is like this: {$service_custom_field_cpfnumber} but not working. Thanks.
  3. I just start the translation to portuguese, but I couldn't fix yet. So I will drop my start. Please if you translate more reply here... thanks ///// WHMCS 8.1.3 $_LANG['nonotifications'] = "sem notificação"; $_LANG['apply'] = "Aplicar"; $_LANG['admin']['returnToAdmin'] = "Voltar para área admin"; $_LANG['searchOurKnowledgebase'] = "Pesquisar no site"; $_LANG['browseProducts'] = "Ver soluções"; $_LANG['secureYourDomain'] = "Secure your domain name by registering it today"; $_LANG['secureYourDomainShort'] = "Secure your domain name"; $_LANG['transferYourDomain'] = "Transfira seu domínio"; $_LANG['transferExtend'] = "Transferir agora irá estender o domínio por mais 1 ano"; $_LANG['homepage']['submitTicket'] = "Enviar Ticket"; $_LANG['homepage']['manageServices'] = "Gerenciar Serviços"; $_LANG['homepage']['manageDomains'] = "Gerenciar Domínios"; $_LANG['homepage']['supportRequests'] = "Solicitação de Suporte"; $_LANG['homepage']['makeAPayment'] = "Efetuar pagamento"; $_LANG['homepage']['yourAccount'] = "Sua Conta";
  4. HI @WHMCS John, This happen again, I was updating to 8.1.3, than I changed direct to database again. I just need fix a quickly as I can, my system can't be down. 1. nope, just update error, try again. 2. yes, please check the print screen attached 3. [13-Apr-2021 20:32:42 America/Sao_Paulo] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'ComposerAutoloaderInit5ba4e1568b3b64cd5814f10d4c7863e6' not found in /home/xxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/vendor/autoload.php:7 Stack trace: #0 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/init.php(0): unknown() #1 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/init.php(0): gracefulCoreRequiredFileInclude('/vendor/autoloa...') #2 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/includes/api.php(0): unknown() #3 {main} thrown in /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/vendor/autoload.php on line 7 [13-Apr-2021 20:32:43 America/Sao_Paulo] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'ComposerAutoloaderInit5ba4e1568b3b64cd5814f10d4c7863e6' not found in /home/linknac/cliente.linknacional.com.br/vendor/autoload.php:7 Stack trace: #0 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/init.php(0): unknown() #1 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/init.php(0): gracefulCoreRequiredFileInclude('/vendor/autoloa...') #2 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/includes/api.php(0): unknown() #3 {main} thrown in /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/vendor/autoload.php on line 7 thanks
  5. The WHMCS team should offer it from WHMCS. They already have it done. There is any way to configure it on WHMCS?
  6. I comment on one of those links, I hope one day get it done... thanks.
  7. WHMCS should give a better admin user management (delete, password change etc). It's cost a lot now delete an user from database. Only a senior dev could do it "safely". We hope get it a soon as possible. Thanks
  8. After update to WHMCS release 8.0.4-release.1 it fixed.
  9. I fixed it by updating the table: tblconfiguration. setting: Version and change the value to: 8.0.4-release.1 I really don't know if it is a good solution, but my WHMCS is loading again. Is the second time that my automatic update broken my WHMCS. I'm getting really scared to do a automatic update!
  10. I tried automatic update 8.0.2-release.1 to 8.0.4-release.1. But i'm getting this error, I don't have a clue how to fix. Any help will be nice! WHMCS\Exception\Application\InstallationVersionMisMatch: Database version '8.0.2-release.1' does not match file version '8.0.4-release.1' in /home/linknac/cliente.user.com.br/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Application/ApplicationServiceProvider.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/user/cliente.user.com.br/init.php(0): WHMCS\Application\ApplicationServiceProvider::checkVersion() #1 /home/user/cliente.user.com.br/extra/clientssummary.php(0): unknown() #2 {main} thanks
  11. Thanks to post the solution!!! This works here for me too!!!
  12. Some of my users is getting error on SSL icon.. Is any body get it also? SSL is syncing on cron, but the SSL is not found.
  13. Here is the translation for new variables for portuguese language; ///// WHMCS 8.0 $_LANG['navContacts'] = "Contatos"; $_LANG['navUserManagement'] = "Gerenciar Usuário"; $_LANG['navSwitchAccount'] = "Trocar Conta"; $_LANG['navAccountSecurity'] = "Segurança da conta"; $_LANG['never'] = "Nunca"; $_LANG['yourProfile'] = "Meu Perfil"; $_LANG['userManagement']['title'] = "Gerenciar Usuário"; $_LANG['userManagement']['managePermissions'] = "Gerenciar Permissões"; $_LANG['userManagement']['permissions'] = "Permissões"; $_LANG['userManagement']['usersFound'] = ":count Usuários Encontrado"; $_LANG['userManagement']['userDescriptor'] = "Endereço de E-mail / Último Login"; $_LANG['userManagement']['lastLogin'] = "Último Login"; $_LANG['userManagement']['actions'] = "Ações"; $_LANG['userManagement']['emailAddress'] = "Endereço de e-mail"; $_LANG['userManagement']['removeAccess'] = "Remover acesso"; $_LANG['userManagement']['pendingInvites'] = "Convite pendente"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteSent'] = "Convite enviado"; $_LANG['userManagement']['resendInvite'] = "Reenviar convite"; $_LANG['userManagement']['cancelInvite'] = "Cancelar convite"; $_LANG['userManagement']['accountOwnerPermissionsInfo'] = "Proprietários da conta sempre terão permissão total para a conta."; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteNewUser'] = "Convidar novo usuário"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteEmail'] = "E-mail para convidar"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteNewUserDescription'] = "Convidar um novo usuário para sua conta. Se o convidado tiver uma conta, ele estará apto a acessar a conta com as credenciais dele. Se o usuário não tiver uma conta, ele será convidado para criar uma nova."; $_LANG['userManagement']['allPermissions'] = "Todas Permissões"; $_LANG['userManagement']['choosePermissions'] = "Selecionar permissões"; $_LANG['userManagement']['sendInvite'] = "Enviar convite"; $_LANG['userManagement']['removeAccessSure'] = "Você realmente deseja remover esse usuário da conta?"; $_LANG['userManagement']['removeAccessInfo'] = "Ele não terá mais acesso a essa conta."; $_LANG['userManagement']['cancelInviteSure'] = "Você tem certeza que deseja cancelar esse convite?"; $_LANG['userManagement']['cancelInviteInfo'] = "O usuário não será notificado desse cancelamento."; $_LANG['userManagement']['permissionsUpdateSuccess'] = "Permissão atualizada com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['userRemoveSuccess'] = "Usuário removido com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteSentSuccess'] = "Convite enviado com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['alreadyLinked'] = "O endereço de e-mail informado já esta cadastrado nessa conta"; $_LANG['userManagement']['alreadyInvited'] = "O endereço de e-mail informado já tem um convite ativo."; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteResendSuccess'] = "Convite reenviado com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteCancelled'] = "Convite cancelado com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['settings'] = "Configurações de segurança do usuário da conta."; $_LANG['userProfile']['profile'] = "Perfil"; $_LANG['userProfile']['changeEmail'] = "Alterar endereço de e-mail"; $_LANG['userProfile']['notVerified'] = "E-mail não verificado"; $_LANG['userProfile']['verified'] = "E-mail Verificado";
  14. Hello guys, @SubZeroFX there is no error. But this is the second Hook I need to disable because not working in this new version.... @brian! this is the tawkto addon, this solution would works, but i would like to use the addon. Thanks for all.
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