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  1. Yes! There is a screenshot up here
  2. Thanks to replied 🙂 The template is: WHMCS/modules/servers/cpanel/templates/overview.tpl I didn't change, I just comment the part that display the limit to not make user confused, see below
  3. I follow the information at URL, but didn´t fix to me. More infos from module log WHM Package Editor: On WHMCS product editor it show only WHM package name Mercurio and not lisssc_mercurio
  4. Hello, guys, i trying to fix a small user guess headache supporting. On product detail inside of customer client area, it display disk usage as unlimited, but the package is limited. I've been trying to fix it for while but without success. Any tip will be appreciated thanks. If need more information let me known. This is a cPanel packages.
  5. I would like to use the same WHMCS, or I need to manager every item twice. The other deal is the description of service, is only one way to write the details.... The WHMCS is multi currency, multi language, but some things is missing to get it running over other countries.
  6. Over searching I found it: https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/multi-company-support WHMCS's team looks like doesn´t want to offer it. There is any work around? Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hello, our hosting company is opening business to another country, so is possibly to use the same WHMCS for multiple countries? Some one have done it? Thanks 🙂
  8. Hello @twhiting9275 thanks to replied. I would like to disable sending email notification by customers. Some customers do not want to receive any email message from the WHMCS system.
  9. There is any way to disable sending email message per account client? Thanks
  10. I just open new request, please if it is importante to you vote there: https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/new-hook-password-forgotten thanks @steven99 I will give a try.
  11. Looking carefully now I didn't find any hook for request password change. I didn't find any hook that run when user use ask for forgotten password.
  12. Hello guys, I'm trying to use the Hook ClientAreaPagePasswordReset SItuation: after user ask to create new password from password forgotten page at WHMCS, I would like to send the password URL link to his whatsApp. I didn't figure out how to use the response token from Hook ClientAreaPagePasswordReset to get the user id. Any help to get it done will be nice, I just would like to know how to get the user id from response of hook ClientAreaPagePasswordReset with the token value. thanks very much!
  13. Did you fix it? I have similar problem.
  14. Hello guys, Do you known Why in database there is two similar value in table tblConfiguration, settings: SystemURL and Domain? The both has the same value, there is any diference between than? There is any change between WHMCS versions? thanks :)
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