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  1. Hi, We opened this as a ticket too, but I figured I'd post in the forums to see if other WHMCS clients, specially those with development experience, have any helpful ideas. Thanks so much!! After upgrading to 7.8.2 yesterday (and then restoring back to 7.6.2 a few hours later) we realized that there are major issues with almost all of the payment processing gateways. We contacted support for many of our payment gateway vendors and many of them are totally taken back at how to deal with the changes in 7.8.x In particular the most challenging one is our ACH integration with Braintree. See the following below from our developer: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After looking through a WHMCS 7.8.2 install and the documentation, I am not sure our module will work with it, ever. It appears that the "Add Bank Account" option only appears when the module is called "directdebit", but then, it only stores the bank account within WHMCS, it doesn't interact at all with Braintree. Any other payment method, it treats as as a CC. The only way WHMCS will also call the capture method on a gateway is if its type is CC, which of course, this new version of WHMCS treats as an actual CC and doesn't let the module think for itself. I just don't think WHMCS supports automated direct debit, which is why we've had to do so many workarounds and custom fixes for this module. We've had to set the type to CC to allow the module to work with automated cron captures. The default direct debit module only supports capturing the bank details the customer inputs and storing it in the DB, nothing else happens. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I would really appreciate a response from your development team on how this can be resolved/implemented/fixed. This is a major issue for us and could require us to leave WHMCS if there is no resolution available. We process a lot of payments daily and can't do it manually.
  2. Prior to upgrading to WHMCS v7.2.1, contacts listed on a client's account were only CCd if they opened the ticket, and the only one CCd would be the one who opened the ticket. After we recently upgraded, it appears that ALL contacts are now being CCd on every support ticket, regardless of whether they were opened by the account owner or another contact. This is contrary to what is in the documentation: http://docs.whmcs.com/Sub-Accounts We reported it to WHMCS and they originally said they could reproduce it and that it would be fixed in the next version. When I replied and asked if they could make a patch available, they then responded basically saying that no progress has been made and they aren't even sure this will be fixed at all. This is INCREDIBLY concerning for us because we have a lot of clients with multiple contacts who email our support, but these contacts should not receive each other's emails for security reasons. Most of the contacts on the accounts are either vendors or employees who shouldn't be seeing tickets from other contacts on the account since they often involve resetting users' passwords or exchanging other confidential information. Has anyone else had issues with this? I'm surprised that I can't seem to find anyone else complaining about this in the forums. I'm really hoping that WHMCS can release a patch for this ASAP since it's been a nightmare for us and we're now having to tell clients with more than one contact to email us directly instead of submitting a ticket.
  3. Hi, I'm looking to hire a developer to do a few things for us: 1. We have a module that we use to control when certain staff receive support ticket emails (based on the time of day). We hired a developer to create this module for us a few years ago and we've loved the module so far, but he has vanished, and it stopped working when we upgraded to WHMCS v7. I'm assuming anyone familiar with PHP should be able to fix the problem quickly. 2. We need a custom sales tax liability report that will also sort by the tax rule (all level 1 rules) so we can see the total sales and total tax for each rule. We have three tax rules setup and right now we have to export the sales tax liability report to CSV, sort by client, and then run all of the math manually...this is an annoying process so it would be nice if we could do it from WHMCS directly. If you're interested, please PM me here. Thanks! - - - Updated - - - I also forgot to mention: something else I would be interested in getting information on is the following: The majority of our customers pay by credit card and don't need email reminders (invoice generated, and payment reminder) and instead just want a payment confirmation/receipt. Many of them get annoyed that they get three emails per month when they're on auto pay with a credit card. The thing is though, we want to keep this 3 email structure for customers who pay via check, or for customers who have not yet stored credit card details with us. We would love if someone could build some sort of module that would prevent the invoice generated and payment reminder emails from going to customers who have credit card details on file. All other emails such as credit card payment failed and payment confirmation should remain active. If tracking whether or not the customer has credit card details on file is too difficult, I'd also be happy if instead it was determined based on the length of time that they were a client (i.e. 2+ months) since every client after 2 months would have gotten their credit card details on file with us by that point. I realize this could get very complicated and tricky, and would be difficult to deal with when upgrading WHMCS, so I'm more hesitant to move forward with it since I've been advised in the past by other developers that it would be very tricky and wouldn't work well. I'm interested in everyone's thoughts! Thanks again! -- Karl

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