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Hey everyone.  I'm still relatively new to the hosting biz and some of my clients are wanting to add multiple websites to their existing hosting package.  I understand that add-on domains would be the best way to handle this.  (But please correct me if I am wrong) 

I am looking for input on how to manage this from both a technical as well as business perspective. 

If the client is purchasing a new domain on their existing hosting account, they will be storing files there and taking up more disk space from the server.  Accordingly, I should find a way to recoup the cost of the additional storage expense.  I was looking for a way in WHMCS to sell add-on domains as perhaps a product add-on to an existing hosting account.  This is simple enough, but if the client purchases an additional domain registration, I can't see how i could also require them to purchase this add-on (extra $ to make up for the additional disk space).  

Alternatively, I thought about offering additional blocks of disk storage.  Package comes with X MB, and for $X, get an additional X MB of storage.  Has anyone accomplished this?  Is this ill-advised? 

Ultimately I'm looking for a way to reconcile my bottom dollar against the additional disk space that will be consumed by the sites built upon add-on domains. Does anyone have any suggestions? Best practices? Advice for a new entrepreneur?

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Usually, the customer is already paying for the disk space and bandwidth. So whatever the resources are for that package will be shared amongst all the websites hosted on the package. So if your package is 10GB then they can host 1, 10, 20 or however much you want to allow as long as they don't use more than 10GB of disk space. 

The same applies to bandwidth, databases, etc.

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This makes sense.  Thank you for the clarification.  

Is it safe to say, then, that offering an unlimited disk space package would preclude charging separately for add-on domains?

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if you need WHMCS to automatically take care of the provisioning for such features, you might want to take a look at the Configurable Package addon...



note, you only need the addon if you want WHMCS to take care of the provisioning.... if you want to provision manually, you won't need to buy it.

don't forget that clients may just be parking those domains, they won't necessarily have new sites, or require additional webspace/bandwidth.

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