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Today marks 1 year since the launch of WHMCS.Community!  In that time we're re-platformed from vBulletin to Invision Community Suite and seen tremendous growth in across the boards.  It's thanks to all our users that the new community has been a success, and we're just getting started!

WHMCS.Community Statistics

3441  new community members joined
3960  new posts created across the community
13,978  replies crafted by our awesome community members

The Annual Leaderboard

Leading the pack with 440 reputation points is @brian!
With 52 reputation points, @WHMCS John takes second place
On third @sentq rounds out the board with 48 points

Remember, using reactions on posts could see you on the leader-board next year, or featuring in our monthly wrap-ups.

Top posts of the year

The following posts received the most reactions from other users, denoting them as particularly valuable. Nice work:

A final note

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the first year; without you we wouldn't have a thriving community.  Over the next year we plan to add more boards, a new ranking structure and more feature that make this community even better than it already is!

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    • By WHMCS ChrisD
      Welcome to the June 2019 WHMCS.Community Wrapup, highlighting some of the most popular content during the month, asking for your feedback and giving a sneak peek of whats ahead for the community.  Feel free to reply to the thread with any questions you have!
      @WHMCS ChrisD
      WHMCS.Community Manager
      WHMCS.Community June 2019 Statistics at a glance:
      374 new members joined WHMCS.Community and there where 331 new topics where created while 1,037 replies were crafted by WHMCS.Community Members
      WHMCS.Community Leaderboard
      Brian leads the board on 33 reputation points, closely followed by Kian with 15 and Remitur rounding it out on 7 points.  Remember to keep using Post Reactions to help surface the best content in the community. 
      On our Blog - How to Merchandise Domains with Spotlight Domain Extension

      Domains are sometimes overlooked, and often underestimated, for just how much they can help grow hosting businesses. 
      Many hosting companies see domain names simply as a low margin commodity and don't see the value in merchandising them to specifically cater to different types of audiences. 
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      Popular content in June
      Thanks for reading!
      That's the WHMCS.Community Wrapup for Jube 2019!  As always the WHMCS.Community Moderation team are here to assist you please feel free to make a post in the WHMCS.Community Assistance board for private one-to-one discussions or post if you'd like a public discussion please feel free to post in the Feedback board
    • By WHMCS ChrisD
      Hi Everyone,
      Welcome to the August 2018 Community Wrap-up a look back at some of the highlights from the community over the last month.  WHMCS.Community is here to help you so please do send your feedback thru!
      WHMCS.Community August 2018 Statistics at a glance:
      249 new members joined WHMCS.Community 396 new topics where created 1,600 replies were crafted by WHMCS.Community Members WHMCS.Community Leaderboard
      Continuing his reign as the most reacted to community member is @brian! on 86 points!  In second place on 14 points is @yggdrasil and rounding out third place at 11 is @Kian
      Reactions on the community are a key way we surface great content on WHMCS.Community.  Every reaction to a post might see you or a thread you've contributed to added to the Top Picks & Leaderboard and soon, your reaction points will count towards your status on the community

      Popular Content
      WHMCS V7.6.1 has been released
      V7.6.1 which is a maintenance release was released on August 28th and is now ready for download from downloads.whmcs.com or alternatively, you can update from within WHMCS using the Automatic Updater.  And on another note, the dedicated WHMCS V7.6 release board will remain active for a few more days before we fold the threads into the main WHMCS.Community later this week.
      Getting help from WHMCS.Community Team
      It's been a while since we last reminded people about the ways to contact the Moderation team when you need assistance such as changing your username, finding the right place to post or just asking a general community-related question.  The place to do that is the WHMCS.Community Assistance board this ensures that any one of the Community Team members can assist you as quickly as possible.
      That's a wrap for August!
      And that wraps up the August 2018 wrapup, as always please provide any community-related feedback in the General or WHMCS.Community Assistance Board
    • By WHMCS ChrisD
      With the switch to WHMCS.Community, there are a few changes to the way quotes work on the new platform including the ability to quote multiple posts and multiple sections of a post.
      Splitting or Quoting only part of a post:
      In some cases, you may only want to quote part of a post or reply to multiple points, to do this simply select the text to quote and click "Quote This" which will show above the highlighted text.  You can repeat this to add additional quotes.

      Quoting a whole post:
      Quoting a full post is simple. Simply click Quote below the post and it will be added into the editor for you.

      Quoting multiple posts:
      It is also possible to quote multiple posts in a single reply. To do this simply click the  icon at the bottom of each post you wish to quote

      Once done click on the Quote X Posts button to have these added to the reply box.

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