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Add Wordpress Header in WHMCS Client Area!!

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1 hour ago, wp4all said:

the easiest way ? Look for someone who does it for you.

absolutely the best advice on this... unless you have a lot of spare time on your hands to learn, get someone experienced to do it for you.

1 hour ago, wp4all said:

There are many just ask mr. google is available from $ 50. 

even WHMCS themselves will do it for you for $45 - there are lots of options out there... if it were me in your situation, even I would get someone else in (and I know how to do it).... not least because it's not a one-time solution, it may need tweaking in the future after a WHMCS, or possibly even WordPress, update... and someone who does this sort of thing every day would be far more efficient than you doing it.

also, generally speaking, anyone who knows how to do this, is not going to spend the time explaining the process in great detail here (not least because other users are probably paying them for the service) - even if they had a detailed walk-through on their own website, they couldn't post a link to it here as it would be self-promotion and against the community rules.

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I know it's an old topic, but I don't make my way through these forums as much as I used to for personal reasons.

You may want to check out the stuff from this guy on codecanyon if you're using WP and WHMCS. He's got some impressive WP and WHMCS stuff there, including a client area integration.

Doesn't look like he's got updates for 7.6 yet, but I wouldn't let that worry you, he's great at getting things done and if you message him on his support site, he'll get you the updated files for test (usually).

Just my 0.02. If you've got WP and WHMCS, WHM press and related stuff is always the best to use.

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My advice: keep WHMCS and WordPress completely  separated and as far as possible.

i.e.:  Keep your main site with WordPress on mydomain.com, on a system, and WHMCS on a different subdomain (i.e. panel.mydomain.com) on a completely different system.

If on the same server, keep them sepated (different users, different IP)

And don't keep the two databases together!!!!!!!

This mainly for security reasons: WP is like flypaper for hacking and defacing actions.

If it happens on a site that is just a showcase, it's just annoying.

But if from WP this accident involves WHMCS too, it becomes a really nightmare.


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15 hours ago, wp4all said:

Hi twhiting9275,

unfortunately your recommendation has nothing to do with header and footer integration for WHMCS 🙂

Greetings Christian

Sure it does. If you look at the guy's plugins, you can have the entire site , everything done directly from inside of wordpress. Your client doesn't even leave WP... And if they do try to access the install directly, they're sent back to WP to do things your way (or they can be).


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On 7/5/2018 at 8:48 AM, Code-Storm said:

Hello, i want to add my Website header in WHMCS Client Area. as i have no whmcs template on theme.

This was requestet nothing else. No commercial Tool, and no Whmcs Funktion in WP. 

Greetings Christian 

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