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the forum is flying at 2-3 X the speed of the old forum, thanks for the upgrade.
Yes it is much faster. I just need to adjust the font size as it is small for these OLD eyes crazy1no.gif


EDIT: I don't see a way to increase font size. If it isn't possible a reccomend a larger font :D

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SMF upgrade - one click


We were comparing VB and PHPBB, I thought?

SMF happens to be the second worst from a moderation viewpoint, IMHO.


One click isn't quite true, though.

One click to follow link to package.

Enter FTP password.

Click ok.

Preview changes.

Click ok.

Done, well, almost.

Refresh "view packages" to see if there are more updates needed.

There were.

Same as above.

Not one click, though definitely simple. :)

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I will only have one suggestion, would be better to decrease the search limit to 3 characters rather than 4.

A reasonable suggestion, though it will increase the amount of index space needed. It's been done, and a few additional words added to the exclusion, such as php, whm, css and so on. They come up fairly frequently, so it makes sense to allow them to be searched for.

This is usually a PHP limit rather than a VB limit.

Actually, in this case it's VB. Setting no limit on word length can drastically reduce effectiveness of searches, as well as causing the indexed searches table to grow huge.


For those who feel the searching isn't as good, have you tried wildcards yet?

Enabling this option allows users to use wildcards (an asterisk *) in their searches. The asterisk respresents any number and combination of characters in the part of the search word in which it is used.

As long as this doesn't cause performance issues, it will be available to help you find things here a bit easier. 8)


booo, i dont like VB at all from a user standpoint in comparison to phpbb. =(

What is it that you find you don't like, or simply prefer PhpBB for? Maybe there's an equivalent thing in VB you just aren't familiar with.

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I hate to be the one that is unhappy, but im not impressed with VB, mainly cause on all sites i access the standard text size is perfectly fine, but on this forum now it is far too small, which is annoying as the systems i use to do my job are then far too big if i change the size

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